I missed the last bus, and was obliged to walk home in the rain.

May I go with him?

His ability in English is above average.

Hui never listens to me.

When I attended a Japanese high school last July, I was impressed with what I saw.

Why should I buy something I'll never use?


Were you unhappy?


Did anybody leave me a message?

Everyone pointed at her.

We're very different, you and I.

Please correct the following sentence.

Sorry I didn't have a chance to talk with you after the meeting.


We went camping in August.


I saw her dance once.


Nature is beautiful.


She's a sweet girl.

He makes nothing of getting up early in the morning.

Hugh promised to be back by 2:30.

What are some cute hairstyles for girls?

When the tiny candles were all lighted the children and our domestics gathered round it.


I'm having an extremely hard time trusting you.

I used to eat three eggs a day.

The problem is that Nancy doesn't go to the club meetings.

Angela sat beside Annard on the bench.

What did you eat for dinner?

Although tired, she kept on working.

I just felt a little dizzy. That's all.

We already know you did it.

We will deliver the products within 30 days after the date of Purchase Order.

I've come for Toby.

Don't blame the guide.

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He treats me as if I am a stranger.

I'd be happy teach you German free of charge.

That request was ignored.

What time did you start?

I don't rightly know.

Why can't you understand how I felt about Margot?

We can finish it later.


Spanish inflects; Japanese conjugates; German declines.

Her voice is as high as the flight of a condor.

You figure it out.

I can't imagine myself ever killing another man.

I met him on the street the other day.


Do you have many out-of-town assignments?

I've been looking for this.

Saqib plans to stay in Boston for three weeks.

No matter what you're studying, I think it's best to study a little every day.

My father is a teacher.

Todd is the reason I'm here today.

He is good at voicing the concerns others are too nervous to speak up about.

Wait over here.

He could get no more money.

Maybe it was just an oversight.

I want a donut.

I won't stoop to his level.

The average temperature in Oxford last month was 18C.

You are rude.

How much are the oranges?

I had the weirdest dream last night.

This shirt is too big for me.


Although I had taken two pills two times, my headache did not go away.

Michelle will bring Bjorne.

This cartographer is famous for the precision in her maps.

I hope war doesn't break out.

I will not be beholden to special interests.

Who are you to address me so familiarly?

I sort of liked her.


Water is leaking into my goggles. I don't think they fit right.

I can understand most of what they say, but I don't understand the slang they use (in their speech).

I don't know where I should go.

Tell him we'll be ready.

Laura's homeless.

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If only I hadn't been in such a hurry!

Do you have anything to talk about?

They consider him a hero.

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Did you finish your paper?


Here's your pudding.

Zainab is very fat. She eats five meals a day. Zainab's weight is 100 kg.

I haven't eaten lunch yet.


I've got business with her.

Dad said he'd be promoted to section manager next year.

I thought about doing that, but I didn't have the time.

We need to look for a gas station because this car will soon run out of gas.

He was knee deep in mud.

Saify is a typical Canadian man.

I bumped into Pat the other night.


That all sounds reasonable.

Japanese people are considered to be polite.

Windows is the most used operating system in the world.


Sorry for the interruption.


The book is too expensive.

Listen to him.

Future generations will admire your statue.


She likes blue dresses.

I got dressed in a hurry.

She takes pride in her daughter.

Do you guys want these?

Sitting down all day is bad for you.

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Please don't make such a loud noise.

Sometimes they go by bus, and sometimes by car.

You don't believe me, do you?

I am a part-time photographer.

Let me kiss you.


Tendrils from the plant are slowly wrapping themselves around the fence.

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She married him even though she didn't like him.

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I don't want him getting upset.


Never flush drugs down the toilet.

Half of the students are absent.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that left a deep influence on cultural and intellectual life in the early modern era. Beginning in Italy, it reached the rest of Europe before the sixteenth century, and its influence extended to literature, philosophy, art, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual life.

There's something you have to know.

That suited me fine.

Evidently, Leslie didn't want to go.

Liber promised me he'd come back.

I met Butler at the school.

Do you have a pet?


Sho didn't seem to be upset.

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I asked them to stay out of it.

I'll send flowers.

Louie became blind.

I told Rhonda I couldn't do that.

Well, it's just about time for me to be on my way. Have a great weekend, everybody.

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This dictionary isn't useful.

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A lie said to avoid hurting someone's feelings and expectations is called a "white lie."

Brandon and I are having drinks later.

Say the names of the days of the week.

That's why we need to talk.

My water bottle just got spilled on my computer!

The Nile is longer than any other river in the world.

Holy Moses!


I don't smoke anymore.

I'm not making an omelet for him.

What's your problem with Sekar?

I hope they name their dog Cookie.

I killed her.


Ronald says Kitty hired him.

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Don't worry. He's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend.

Come to think of it, I did see Taro.

I've lived here for more than three years.

She dumped him.

Ladle the soup into everyone's bowl.


Jack thought he was a goner.


Mick was bewildered by the change.


We'll never forget what you've done for us.

How many tourists visit this temple?

He keeps surprising me.

May the Gods help us.

If f is not an epimorphism, then it factors through g.

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You were with Clark the night he died, weren't you?

Do you have friends in your year?

Did you pack any snacks?

I guess I should've asked you out to dinner.

Richard was relieved to hear that Evan had arrived home safely.


Siping denies doing that.

I just thought of something really interesting.

There's nothing to eat.


We must look at the problem from a global point of view.

Do you have a light beer?

Angus has never been punctual.

The noon siren is blowing.

I don't care what you do to Jagath.


I wonder if I might speak to Werner.