I cannot live in such a neighborhood.

You can still swim quite well, can't you?

She should take my advice.

Pierre doesn't have a house to live in.

I don't usually ask questions.

You should leave that sort of thing to me.

Someone might try to steal it.

Get ready for some action.

Don't you want to stop them?

Are there fireflies in your garden?

Johnathan was looking forward to having a few weeks off.

Bob Johnson tried to make people realize the seriousness of the situation in Africa.

If you worship God who is in your flower like mind,you would live longer.

A woman whose husband is dead is called a widow.

What you're wearing on your feet don't meet safety guidelines.

If you made a mistake, then overcome your shame, try to expiate your fault.


Since he doesn't feel well today, he can't come to the office.

Why didn't you tell me about my parents?

Marty seems confident.


You're not upset, are you?

It seemed pretty important.

I don't think you'll get it.

I still want to talk to you.

I love my phone.

We aren't all in the same place.

Why didn't you tell Gigi the same time you told Suresh?


Don't be surprised if you wake up with spiders inside your mouth.


A drop of luck helps more than a whole case of wisdom.


The professor solved the problem at last.


Why did you invite Leon to dinner?


I remember his words.

I'd never betray them.

They make up about 12.5 percent of the total population.

It was hard for Beth to keep a straight face.

I'll go check.

The business deal may tell in our favor.

Check your order.


Pitawas was disrespectful.

He can speak Spanish, not to mention English.

I just assumed everything was going to be OK.

It's not going to work, is it?

This is all a mistake.

Someone's ringing the doorbell.

He's staying at his aunt's.

Manuel kicked the door in and ran inside.

They say that he will run for mayor.

Kyung is a bit naive.

Can you let me pass?

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What happens if we get caught?

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What are your thoughts on this matter?

It's the best film of the year.

He wrote down the number lest he should forget it.

We've been together for thirty years.

Gilles looks a sorry sight! What did he do to himself?


We are currently involved in making a game about stoat life, which will allow you to manage your stoat character from birth to death.

Casey isn't aggressive at all.

Don't take more than five minutes.

You're wasting your time trying to convince him.

How can Patricio be stopped?

Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

I didn't have to go, but I did.

A prayer is one way to appeal to a deity.

We are not made for each other.

Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642.

Formerly, a book was worth its weight in silver, if not in gold.


Clarissa is done.

Let's try and find a cure.

Let's just pray it never happens again.

He was worn out after hours of work.

I punched Celeste in the face.

Micky made his servants eat in the dark.

I have to remember to buy some milk.


After fifteen years at a building firm, Bill Pearson was given the responsible position of area manager.

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I can't understand her obsession with soccer.

This is outlandish.

Who is the owner of this car?


Some people associate sci-fi with the Japanese.

On weekends I got up later than usual.

Roy didn't understand Ragnar at all.

That's exactly what I meant.

I can beat him hands down.

Do you know what AMP means?

This horse kicks when anyone comes up from behind.

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Alain bores me.


You can trust us.

I know you hired a lawyer.

He rubbed his eyes two or three times, wondering if he were still asleep or awake and decided he must be awake.

Come down, Dick. It is time for dinner.

Poor piteous reasoning. Weak beyond contempt your haughty minds!


I'm here to teach you some manners.

The longer I waited, the more impatient I became.

I should stop procrastinating.

When was the last time you went hunting?

Her husband is heavily dependent on drugs.

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The doctor, who is well off, is not satisfied.

It'll soon be a year that Hans and Jane have known one another.

They sell that at a hardware store.

When's Alexis coming home?

It's important that you look at these documents carefully.

The peas have failed to pod.

Don't beat your head against a stone wall.


Marek took too many liberties when he was here.


The abstract analysis of the world by mathematics and physics rests on the concepts of space and time.

All the officers and men joined their efforts against the attack.

Seymour looked down at his plate.

Shouldn't you be at school now?

See you tomorrow in the office.

Are you stupid?

We fought hard.

He stopped playing baseball last season.

Dentists examine teeth with x-rays.

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible.

I don't speak his language.


Rich's laughing.

He has three dependents to support.

I'll visit him tomorrow.

Andries was a lawyer.

I'm on your flight.

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The tree is abundant in fruit.

We had to learn the lines of the play in park.

Which fruit do you want?

Claudia is dating an exchange student from China.

He was eating a bologna sandwich.

The dog is drooling.

Chuck said he didn't agree.


We're running short of oil. We'd better ask the store to bring us more.


Her letter cast a new light on the matter.

Everybody's happy.

Where can I buy printers?

Thank you.

I didn't know I was going to have to introduce the main speaker.

I borrowed the book from this library.

On a bus or a train one must pay a fare.

Hello, could you tell me where a telephone box is?

I wonder what King did with it.


I don't know when he'll be here.

He finishes his homework before going to bed.

It has become clear what murder-suspect Miura's jail lifestyle is like.

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I didn't knit it for him.


Her boyfriend looks like a monkey.

There's a message from her.

Sue is already a man.

Just look at her.

Virtue is a thing that may be taught.

I want to find a way for us to be happy.

What to you want to say to me?


I couldn't go because of the heavy rain.


It is just a prank!

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A dialect is a specific form of a language, spoken in a certain region.

Most of the passengers were Canadians.

He talks as if he were a teacher.


The law, as it is, is not so severe.

Happy birthday, Muriel!

Earle, will you stop it already!

You seem to speak French fluently.

Finally, we arrived in England.

Did you hurt your back?

I don't know much about Japan.


Jane told Kevin the whole story.

Their traditional life style no longer exists.

Where do you really want to go?

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I am working.

Socorrito has done what we expected him to do.

Her hair is streaked with gray.


You saw what happened in there, didn't you?