Our store isn't open.

No one looks busy.

A number of people were killed.


You are crazy.


The payment will be deferred for two years.


I am planning to attend the annual meeting.

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I pray that God will forgive me.

The beautiful scenery fascinates every traveler.

I acknowledge your kindness.

I broke my right leg.

Just what do you mean?

Sheila's response surprised everybody.

They got really lucky.

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We regret doing that.


He is staying with his aunt.

Are you younger than Eduardo?

It was hilarious.

Send her away.

He interrupted them while they were breakfasting.

My father often told us about his school days.

I didn't like the plot of the movie.

I'll let them know you're here.

I've started to learn French.


I think you should tell Bert that you don't like him.

Shut up! We'll miss the best part.

It's not easy to explain.


He is in conference now.

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She had her husband drive the children to their homes.


You'd better not eat that cake!

I wish there was some way I could repay Winston.

This car sells well.


How can we wait?

She said that if my homework's too difficult, I can go to her for help.

Syed isn't very open to criticism.

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Who's your favorite fashion designer?

Only the human face can express feelings.

During a conversation, ask about the man you're talking to.

I polished his shoes for him.

What should I do to arouse desire in the man I'm interested in?

Is this a hoax?

Why are you so insistent on going with me?


I can tell you the reason at full length.

They're afraid of him.

I'm Sally's counselor.

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She was dressed in a faded cotton skirt.

Tomorrow is when I get paid.

I think I should've helped them.


Did you just meet them?

We add examples in languages we know.

The heavy rain prevented me from going.

You don't need to wear anything fancy.

I don't want you to say anything.


I'd like to make a toast to Case and Vinod.


You still haven't told me how old you are.

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Don't worry, I'll be back before twelve.

I was as sober as a judge.

After a slow summer season, business began to pick up.


You're not my friend.

Don't cancel anything yet.

A marriage is not legal unless certain declarations are made.


He is but a child.

It's excruciatingly slow.

I won't go in.


Curtis is going to apologize.


I thought it easy at first.


We were supposed to meet in front of the library.

St. Louis, Missouri is famous for the Gateway Arch and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

Alf has sense enough to stay out of trouble.

Was it really necessary to change the front wing?

It looks like she's Russian.

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May I wash all my laundry at once?


This suit was on sale.


We're both in the same class.

Frances showed Adam an old newspaper article.

I was married to a man who looked exactly like your father.


How did Joshua get into that mess?

Bjorne knows it's true.

I'm not here because of that.

Cary gave this book to me.

The food is spoiled.

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I didn't agree to meet her.

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The new coalition government is trying to ride out the storm.

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Today is your lucky day.

This word is not in current use.

Christofer had a sealed envelope in his right hand.

That classroom is too small.

I foolishly interpreted the idiom according to its literal sense.

Do write to me soon!

Al didn't win the prize.


I didn't tell him anything.


Suwandi has a nice personality.

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I had breakfast in pajamas.

I think that would be fine.

Ask them to help you.

I think you've lost your perspective.

To talk shop is boring.

They're armed with knives.

Eduardo clipped a car while trying to park in a tight spot, causing minor damage.

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It was the bad weather that caused his illness.

My thermos was stolen.

Russell doesn't know the first thing about fishing.

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I definitely remember seeing a picture of you and Gabriel together.


It looked yellow to me.

A nurse wears white.

That was really fun.


He was at the supermarket.


I got up about five.


I don't have any money at all.

You'll find yourself in deep water if you continue to live beyond your means.

Don't speak to me like that!


It's kind of nice here.

I must contact him.

Celeste seems to be hiding something.

It is not known who has the authority in this matter.

You're one of them, aren't you?

The story begins far in the past.

Douglas was the person who suggested we try it this way.


The children sense what is happening between the parents.

The medication is working.

Alain is still in Australia.

I don't fear them.

Seenu followed his instincts.


How do you like my new suit?

This flag is very pretty.

Where is your teaching material?


I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation.

It shouldn't take much longer.

The accident was due to the drunken driving of a certain film star.

She cried for joy.

He's out there somewhere.

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That just doesn't make sense to me.

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Why didn't you tell Takao you were unhappy?


The priest who speaks French will be here next week.

The year 1932 found him in Paris.

I know those girls over there quite well.

I had a tubal ligation.

I could not understand.


You can't possibly really think Terrence is happy.


Rice grows in warm countries.

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No student is allowed to enter the room.

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It's nice to be remembered.

The jury found that Samsung had infringed upon Apple's patents.

I'm a good listener.


This new announcer keeps stumbling.

In future, be more careful with your money.

Something isn't right here.


I want to be able to speak Russian fluently.