You're very good with people.

I still don't want to do it.

The picture was painted by a famous painter.

As far as I'm concerned, this coffee is too strong.

Sanjeev arrived in the office to find the police waiting for him.

I don't want anyone to touch this.

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The thief was traced by the stolen goods.

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Under the Constitution, the lower chamber's resolutions override those of the upper chamber.

I guess we'll be friends.

This beer isn't cold.


I'm spending precious years of my life on you, and you don't appreciate it!


He up and beat me.


The teacher answers every question we ask.


Kamiya swims as fast as Jack.

That work will be finished at the end of this week.

I have only two hands.

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Could you suggest an alternative date?


I wasn't raised that way.

I'm a little angry with you.

I assumed you'd want me to help.

Torsten is rude and selfish.

That's all I remember.


I'm not an artist.


Do you know John's father died of a heart attack?

For now, that's the only thing I can do.

I'm glad you're here with me.


There are monsters everywhere.


I live in a small fishing village.

I felt like crying at the news.

I smile every time I see her.

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Somebody caught me by the arm.

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This situation seemed hopeless.


The simplest atom is hydrogen.

I like him best of all the teachers.

Where did you get all those oranges?

Ramiro was gunned down in the street in front of the church.

Get off the stage.

Nobody can dispense with somebody's service.

How are you keeping off this intense heat?


They need daily care.


All doctors say what their patients like them to.

It took three hours to do that.

I don't want to impose.

Putting his trust in God and taking the bull by the horns, the Christian gladiator defeated many adversaries.

If this is madness, there is method in it.


You must leave everything.


I dived into the river.

She was denied any possibility of emigration.

That guitar is so expensive that I can't buy it.


I wanted you to see me.

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The table's is all yours.

Now be a good boy and go beddy-byes.

Isidore brought a flower and presents for his date.

I want to dance at my granddaughter's wedding.

We go biweekly to the theater.

Why wouldn't Hazel tell me?

Shuvra is a compulsive cleaner.

He disliked her at first glance.

I work afternoons.

I was nervous.

What're we waiting for?


I need some hangers.

Vic went out the front door.

You're the one who saved Sharan's life.

Can you help me with these?

We are cooing like pigeons.


I think you should go to Dale's funeral.

Has Earl been drinking today?

Will you give Bjorne this envelope?


Anna certainly seems to know what he's talking about.


Yesterday there were two weddings here.

The surprise party for Laura is not tonight, but tomorrow night.

We will grant you a special discount of 5% provided that you could guarantee placing regular orders.


We can't do everything.


They say that old house is haunted.

Srikanth couldn't decide when to begin.

Spock called Christian when he got home.

Don't wake me up before 10.

You'll miss the train.


This temple is famous for its cherry blossoms.


I've got my stubbornness from my father.

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When did Mayo call?

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Have you ever seen this movie before?

Konstantinos was impressed with how well Sabrina could speak French.

You're standing in my way.

Pierette hesitated to tell Pilar the truth.

"Did you kill Martha?" "No, I did not."


Clarissa discussed the problem with Nathan.

I do not like people staring at me.

Gabriel recalls how happy Clara was.

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She ignored it all day long.

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Rainer is fuming.


I'm sure you've heard about the fire.

This never happened.

You sure are dirty.


I can not get the message through to her.

Happening in a city, the accident would have caused a disaster.

He visited Kyoto last year.


I'm tired of eating the same thing every day.

Toerless showed up Monday night.

The wife of a missing man has delivered a heartfelt plea to the public for information on his whereabouts.

He left her in town.

At the same time Ismo jumps and baffles the attendants.

They're broken.

Those who were there thought it was pure gold.

Ping went to bed as soon as he got home.

Ahmet is busy at the moment. May I help you?

You're glowing.

Why did your father beat you?


At ease.

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Emily will stay with us.


I love God, Heaven's father, who created me.


Write on every other line.


You're the only one missing for this movie.


I'm afraid you've misunderstood this.

Are you really going to wear that?

Christofer wanted to know more about Edith's family.


Jason would never have hurt you.

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I submit that it would constitute a very dangerous precedent.

Murray looks like he might start crying.

I should give this to you.

Are you really ready to help?

Now, one and a half billion more human beings can live on the earth's surface, supporting themselves by working for others.

Send us your shadows!

He's blond.

He is one of my best friends.

How much is your hourly pay?

The aim of science is, as has often been said, to foresee, not to understand.

Kiki had Walt's undivided attention.

Elaine has a beautiful smile.

I slept better than I did last night.


There are more than seven thousand languages in the world.

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This boy is from Columbia.

I cannot accept this student in my school.

Barney and Donal speak Hungarian very well.

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He is different from what he used to be.

Having been left alone, the baby started to cry.

He never lets his beliefs get in the way of his actions.

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If you get your right ear pierced, that means you're gay.

Just married.

You're not as tall as me.


It is important that no one is allowed to slack off on their assigned work.


Marla is a cute kid.

He is a fishmonger.

Get in touch with me.

I want you to know that.

I'll miss this place once I leave.

Kimmo shouldn't have stayed here by himself.

We must provide food and clothes for the poor.