The plane was grounded because of the fog.

Elaine declined comment on the issue.

Do you want to eat French, Japanese or Chinese food?

Take your shot.

Are you worried about them?

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We're all alone.


He was entranced with joy.


All the crew were tired.

What with overwork and lack of sleep, she has lost her health.

Incompetent people are the ones who talk the most.

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We can pay 100 dollars at most.

Stanly is trying to quit.

Why don't we go downstairs?

You asked too many questions.

Sledgehammers are used in construction demolition, in mining, in driving fence posts into the ground and in driving the spikes that secure the rails to the wooden railway ties.

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I wonder if Terri will get here on time.

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Roxie declined to offer specifics.


Groups are a good way to share an interest with either a small community or the whole world.


Can I take a day off?

They hurried by without a glance.

If I get rich, I'll buy a castle.

I met with my teacher in the theater.

Have you learned the poem by heart?


I thought chances of Kaj not noticing what Rahul was doing were pretty slim.

Many Europeans do not know modern Japan.

The children are bouncing on the trampoline.


I have a collection of silver tea spoons from all over the world.


If he had not died so young, he would have become a great scientist.


What exactly did you ask him?


You can come at your convenience.

We were just about to leave.

Bull fighting is a very interesting spectacle.

Children are curious about everything.

I always photograph badly.

Being a soldier is my job, where I have authority over bombs.

Juha felt like getting drunk.

I ate myself sick.

I don't know what I can do.


She didn't notice anything suspicious.

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Good morning, sir! A merry Christmas to you!

Do you have something else in mind?

Kristin can't play the drums very well.

We'll have a party.

Planting trees at this age!

It is vital that you be present.

Jackye snuggled in close, putting his arm around Amir.

Aaron came home yesterday.

We need at least another hour.

I knew you'd like Naresh.

You know exactly what I mean!


Bob was born in the same year as you.

I'm going to have to tell Leo.

Every writer writes in the way that accords with his own idiosyncrasies.

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I had this guitar custom made.

I bet this will work.

I need to get a hold of him.

This book is heavy.

Why would you have dinner with Wilmer?


I hope you like what I made for you.

Hey you, shut your mouth!

How is the bill paid?


You're a creep, Mister!

I really want to see Kumiko.

I'm scared Chuck is going to kill me.


The weakest go to the wall.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

Poets cannot live without love.


Have you ever done this before?

His motorcycle is the latest model.

Can I go to work?

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I'm sorry, Kim, I didn't mean it that way.

How is she today?

Don't call me your son.

So far everything has been going well.

Sylvan said he didn't know what to think.

One must draw the line somewhere.

Maybe we should talk to Courtney.

I am just dreaming.

I have something I'd like to show you.

When I travel, I don't wear armor.

Are okay after yesterday's earthquake?

I wish that I could give you everything you want.

I don't see why I had to say anything.

Nadeem couldn't believe what had happened.

Do you go by bus, by train, or by subway?


Huey didn't like that idea.


How can you tell Jeff isn't happy?


What are some of your favorite TV shows?


You should join our group.


Eli asked Tareq if she was really happy with her new job.


He took a glance at the papers.


By good fortune, they escaped.

A desk stood in the centre, with a red leather swivel-chair.

This question counts for 50 points.

Could you make it another time?

He got accustomed to the new way of living.

This would embarrass anyone.

Anne did his best to ignore Vic.

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I dug one up.

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Hamilton bought a webcam.


We're grateful for your help although it's just a a drop in the ocean of our needs.


He was counted as lost.


Pria looked like he was happy.

He just left.

I'll be meeting with Eddy.

So one can bring joy to Franklin even with small things.

Stay at home till noon.


There's a full stop missing from the end of the sentence.


Which part of the tour are you doing?


Do you think you can give me a hand with Kamel?


"What's wrong?" "I can't get my car started."

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The Chicxulub crater in Mexico may have been created by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

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Wendi will never allow you to go.


Everyone's asking for you.

The old man arched his back.

Give me half a kilo of apples.

We lost no time in sending him to the hospital.

I think I'm pretty good at that.

Who invented the clipboard?

He doesn't seem to get on in the world.

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It's not that bad, is it?


Hurry up and bring me something to drink.


Chris needs to make an urgent telephone call.


Last night I fell asleep quickly.


I wish we could help you.

Spencer is down.

I was wakened by a beam of light shining through my window.

I can feel pain in both of my knees.

She tried in vain to conceal her fear.

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Nicolo will return at 2:30.

We have enough food.

Aren't you stretched pretty thin already?


Kevan lay on the bed with his eyes open.

Bit by bit, he could attract her with his behaviour.

Spike didn't catch any fish.

They're in the garden.

I don't think it's weird at all.

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The wide blade or the third prong is provided for your safety.


I pay my university fees to go to university by part-time work. Well, I'm a 'working student' I suppose.

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The driver told us to be careful when we got off the bus.

This museum is one of the world's largest art museums.

He met one of his old friends on his way back from the station.

Having no will is the worst handicap.

I'm a little bit tired today.


Daren is an expert clockmaker.


I've got to get my passport back.