I asked many people about the store, but no one had heard of it.

I like listening to Debi.

You've piqued my interest.

Lack of sleep is telling me.

He lied to us.

He is very kind.

No special equipment is needed to do this job.

Chopin's music is beautiful.

Are those synthetic or cultured pearls?

Things may have changed.

According to my experience, it takes one year to master French grammar.

I think Mason is obstinate.

I sure wish you would leave.

Celeste jumped off the pier.


Would you tell Sandeep I'm ready?

Gunnar tried to stop the bleeding.

She looks prettier in her red dress.


Who's watching?


Look at me when you're talking to me.


I'm not getting involved.


Among the paintings of Claude Monet is one titled "Lilac Irises" and another called "Iris Mauve."

That sound is irritating.

I reckon that's a good idea.

This bottle is able to contain two liters of hot water.

My father's work is to buy wool.


That was a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

The bridge is being repaired.

She sat back and watched.

The lamp hung from the ceiling.

Dimitry is outrageous.


Does anyone know where you can buy birthday party invitations?


Vincent sells flowers.


Have you ever decorated pottery?

They're cops.

Would you give me a cup of coffee?


Everything in this store is overpriced.

At the peep of day we were aroused by the voice of my good grandfather, who planted himself in the stairway and shouted in a stentorian tone, "I wish you all a Merry Christmas!".

They talked about love.

I like to eat Korean food.

You should come by sometime.

He watched the drama holding his breath.

They live on the floor below.


He made a bad decision.

Are you kidding or are you being serious?

Andy has a small cabin on the lakefront.

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We have to figure out what our options are.

I learnt it from him.

This is a sorcerer

Moe must've been scared.

That was a shock.

Here's the first gray hair on my head.

This is a Christmas present for you.


Can we get some help over here?


Blessed are those who have no talent!


Judge doesn't often wear a suit.


It's very hard to get along with him.


I didn't study at all yesterday.

This is the first time I've ever passed an exam.

Is it necessary for us to go?

I don't think this is a good idea.

Look, my pants are not as dirty as yours.

Use a rake and rake up the leaves in the yard.

Three times three is nine.

The British withdrew, but attacked again the next year.

I chose these over the shoes.

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I've already told Morton I'll pay for it.

I'm calling to support your decision.

Do you remember our being stuck in the snow with the car last winter?

You must avoid making those kinds of mistakes.

There is nothing so important as friendship.

Chuck lives with Adrian in Memphis.

The kite went upward.

Dori is in intensive care.

Shyam doesn't buy bread.

I hardly ever take my dog for a walk.

Sirius is commonly called the Dog Star.

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I'll study a lot.

Nobody knows anything.

You must not part with the ring.


This is a fine ship.

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One does not refuse such an offer.

While reading a book, he fell asleep.

You should just do what Rich is asking you to do.

I'll go on living without you.

You've cut my hair too short.

Maybe my grandchild will be the first person to set foot on Mars.

Jacobson looked at Mikael.


He is a great statesman, and what is more a great scholar.


I forgot to tell you about them.

Life isn't comfortable in North America.

He suddenly cut into our conversation.


I'm dancing.

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Who was murdered?


Don't you want to get them back?

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Jamie doesn't blame Jimmy for being mad.

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I don't doubt your word, I doubt your ability.


They eat meat once a week.


Don't you see me?


Don't let anyone enter the room.

At the beginning of a marathon race, scores of runners start, but only a few finish and just one takes the cake.

What do you like to do in your free time?


In protected areas hunting is prohibited.

Comfort her.

Eddy picked up the TV remote and turned down the volume.

Bangladesh became independent in 1971.

Try to ignore them.


That's not really necessary.


Beckie was the first one here.


Don't be a slave to money.

Do you want to buy a house in Germany?

Each of us read the book in turn.

He was accustomed to frequenting my house.

I am familiar with this computer.

She accepted her offer.

The mother laid her baby on the bed.


She has done him many kindnesses.


Let's hope it stays that way.


I'll leave this with you.

Floria thought that Teriann would enjoy the concert.

I can't figure out how to solve this problem.


I don't understand why Tommy did that.

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Good afternoon. Excuse me, I'm looking for the Loreta.


He left after me.


Your negotiation skills aren't bad.

I have a nephew. He's a bartender.

Do you think it makes a difference?


I have to be absent from school next week.


Lazy people have no chance of success.

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I've visited my father's grave.


He ran away so he wouldn't be caught.


The nurse gave the patient his orange juice through a glass tube.

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Hey, that's not a bad idea.


Does she know how to play the piano?


I thought that you already knew.


Shel did it for us.

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I've done OK without you.

You should've told me sooner.

He was taken away by a policeman.

You can read a lot more than you think you can.

We talked of many things.


I'll tell you everything you want to know.

How long are you planning to stay here?

We've won!

You're alone, aren't you?

We have to pay taxes.

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Fish is normally accompanied by white wine.