Presley had trouble breathing.

The flowers were swaying in the wind.

Will you help me practice my pronunciation?

Heidi looks very pale.

I feel vulnerable.

They made a frame with tape

I am writing Chinese.

Would you tell me how to sillabify the word?


She turned pale when she heard that news.


The group was silent.


Jennie sounded slightly jealous.

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Don't let Hwa drink any more.

Frogs are such marvelous creatures.

No sooner had he arrived than he fell sick.


Tarmi did some work for me recently.


How many pens do you have?

I'm not jealous of your life at all.

What does his father do?


Give variety to your meals.

People of all ages like this song.

She poured me some tea.

I'm sure Anthony will understand.

I need your cooperation.


He asked to speak to me privately.

Yakitori is a Japanese dish.

How much is it worth?

Having been written in a hurry, this letter has many mistakes in it.

I was extremely disappointed to see our national soccer team suffer a historic loss.

We're looking for somebody who is well versed in French.

Jenine says he can make any woman fall in love with him.

This area will continue to be rainy.

We could not find out her address.

There was an explosion in the lab.

That means he loves you.

Do you want to buy this?

Jayesh is clearly over thirty.


Jem wanted to tell Boyce about John.

Our town was added to the list of the most beautiful towns in the country.

I'm here looking for them.

I'm really sorry that I lied to you.

This homework will require much time.

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Are you sure you're feeling all right?

This is my cell number.

I hate the sound of my voice.

A strange idea sprang up in my mind.

Heidi said it was all right.


Autumn came, and the leaves in the forest turned to orange and gold. Then, as winter approached, the wind caught them as they fell and whirled them in the cold air.

Cindy didn't realize that he had made a mistake.

Where did you eat?


I eventually located Ted's house.

The answer is no.

Boys always want to play football after school.

I think Mason hates the way I sing.

Rathnakumar wasn't wearing a helmet.


Gregg didn't take much persuading.

I felt relieved when all the troubles were taken care of.

German is Lichtenstein's official language.


Did something happen to them?

It's not what you're thinking.

My wife is a physician.

Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right.

I was quite ignorant of the fact.


The lights were out.


It's almost time to get started.


What brought you to Boston?


There's still one more question that you haven't yet answered.


I was trying to tell her that.

Nice guys finish last.

Is there a toilet near here?

Wait here till I return.

I've been writing letters all morning. I've written ten and still haven't finished.


Youth is wholly experimental.


We were eating pizza.

You can let us go now.

I'm actually looking for Florian.


I hope Bernard feels the same way you do about this.




I don't believe we've ever met.


He exposed corruption in the city government.

I'd like to breast-feed my baby.

As I left the house, I remembered the key.

Why could you not come yesterday?

We are fed up with studying.


However, the survivors are unaware of that fact.

How soon can you be here?

Having good credit is a prerequisite to applying for a loan.

As I heard the story secondhand, I can't ascertain the truth of it.

I want to talk to the press.

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We'll miss him.

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We exchanged text messages.

Did you find everything you want?

Mahmoud put the phone down.

Be sure to tell Lanny what happened.

Wait here until I return.

Where's my mommy?

He once mentioned a long time ago that he had boundaries that I could never cross. Now that we're apart, I realize what he said was largely a warning in disguise.


He failed in the attempt to sail across the Pacific Ocean.


It's easy, maybe even feasible.

I want to go for a frolic in the rain.

I am writing you a lengthy letter because I did not have time to write a short one.

This law is unjust.

The poor peasants ate potatoes.

Can I get travelers checks with this card?

I admit nothing.

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This is the best money can buy.


I wonder what I'm going to do with all this stuff.

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Seeing that it is raining, you had better stay home.

It's an incredible sight.

I had been studying music in Boston before I returned to Japan.

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In that country I was a foreigner and was treated as such.

I'm sorry for bothering you.

I don't hate school.

What is life like where you live?

A satisfied runner wanted to run a wheelbarrow run.

I don't have very many of these.

I don't want to hurt my son's feelings.

I have been acquainted with her for more than 20 years.

The is replaceable.


In which language did you speak with Marika before you learnt Finnish?

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There is no freedom for the ignorant.

Kriton looked at Leo's picture.

The surface of the earth is 70% water.

Toufic isn't very obedient, is he?

The lamp was swinging back and forth.

This is like fighting someone with one arm tied behind your back.

Write about the following topic.

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Technology has given us immense power.

I figured you wouldn't want the teacher to know you hadn't done your homework yet.

I am reading the book.

Some characters actually existed.

Sharan is very careful, isn't he?


I was shaking like a leaf.


I don't have a credit card.

Who sent you the roses?

The girl caught a small fish.

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Everyone cheered.

I wasn't the one who wrote this letter.

He keeps a small poultry yard.


Straka said that he did nothing wrong and that it wasn't his fault.

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My father's going to kill me.

Tanaka makes his own clothes.

I am being guided.


Smith struck Jones out.

I quoted some famous phrases in my book.

Sabrina bought a Roomba.


I don't know why I reacted the way I did.

A teacher's salary is less than an attorney's.

Natraj felt demoralised by his boss's intimidating behaviour.

I was compelled to confess.

One by one, the members told us about their strange experience.

I can't stand losing her.

I know a good Mexican restaurant on Park Street.


He was beaten into submission.


Roxane likes to listen to music while he's studying.