Optimize and Modernize:

    Backed by our strong staff of Systems and DevOps Engineers, Mark III offers industry-leading options and expertise to optimize and modernize your IT infrastructure stacks across the areas of compute, network, storage, virtualization, converged, hyperconverged, software-defined, wireless, security, automation, hybrid cloud integration, containers and many more. With a focus not only on solid architecture but also “extra mile” ongoing operational support and unique skills of increasing importance like automation and code, we can help you not only modernize and optimize for current initiatives, but also lay a solid foundation for the future.

  • Software Defined Enterprise
    Flexible and Agile:

    Whether your application stacks and infrastructure are in the datacenter or in the cloud, flexibility and speed are key to the business. Software-defined strategies can help you maximize flexibility and agility, while running in the environment that suits your organization. Mark III offers the full portfolio of software-defined strategies, including those that encompass compute, network, storage, datacenter, converged, hyperconverged, and virtually any piece of the tech stack today.

  • Barreleye
    The Power of Cognitive:

    The Cognitive Call Center is an open API-enabled platform on IBM Bluemix created by Mark III's BlueChasm digital development unit and designed to power call centers across multiple industries. In partnership with leading call center software systems, the Cognitive Call Center leverages technologies like IBM Watson to filter, analyze, and help advise on actions based on inbound and outbound calls from clients' call centers.

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    Plan, Execute, and Maintain: With a 3-to-1 engineer-to-sales ratio, Mark III is uniquely positioned to not only help your enterprise plan and implement your IT infrastructure strategy, but also to provide ongoing assistance and expertise throughout the life of your investment. All of Mark III’s senior engineers were formerly lead system administrators at large enterprises and, accordingly, can offer up uniquely comprehensive perspectives on solutions and challenges that align with your long-term priorities. Read More »


Welcome to Mark III Systems

Mark III Systems, Inc. is a leading enterprise IT solutions provider with a long, rich history of providing IT infrastructure, software, services, cloud, and cognitive solutions to a very diverse range of enterprise clients. Headquartered in Texas since 1995, Mark III has steadily grown from an IBM IT infrastructure reseller to the oil & gas industry in the mid—1990s to a large, multidisciplinary solutions provider with enterprise and service provider clients and partners of all sizes in almost every industry across North America.

With a highly-experienced team of Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Developers (in our BlueChasm digital development unit), Mark III offers clients a unique "full stack" approach to help them not only modernize and optimize core application and infrastructure tech stacks in the datacenter, but also plan for and deliver on emerging digital and cognitive initiatives.

In combination with our long-tenured and extremely responsive sales and support team, the Mark III model has always placed an emphasis on helping our clients be successful throughout the life of any solution that we help a client architect and implement. Whether it be a routine healthcheck, a proactive roadmap planning meeting, collaboration on a digital prototype, or just a friendly call to see how things are going, we truly believe that any partnership with Mark III only starts with the initial implementation. We encourage you to reach out to us and see what the "Mark III Difference" is all about! Learn more »

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