My advice is not to tell them.

Elsa is taking the day off today.

He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder.

Cris didn't pull the trigger.

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Prices are lower in Kobe.


Gregge didn't stay for long.

What's the longest German word?

Look who's awake.

You speak a perfect Italian.

I'm the one who gave Murph his nickname.


I heard that she came here.

I'll never forget this incident.

I've been fairly lucky.

Can you just please give me some more time?

Contact the appropriate customer service helpline if the device does not operate properly.


Doug was able to find Trey a good job.

I really like the songs you write.

We may refuse to accept the proposal.

What a beautiful day!

He has much practical experience as a doctor.


I get annoyed when I am kept waiting.

Let me get back to you.

I began to study English when I was twelve years of age. At that time I was interested in languages, but not excessively so. Now I can speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese; and so it is time to learn Latin.

I would like you to meet my parents.

Glen hasn't cleaned his room yet.

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Hurdling the wall will make him stronger.

No one has been able to reach the top of the mountain.

I never drink wine.

We know you're in there, Gregg.

Ricardo is waiting at the gate.


He served in the House for twelve years.

Wasn't that fantastic?

Do you find him attractive?

I've never seen such a large whale.

The woman brushes her hair.

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In brief, he was wrong.

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I'm the guy who gave Sofia that hat.

Gerard has recommended you for the job.

The power delivered by a one square metre solar panel is approximately one watt. Therefore it is currently difficult to harvest solar energy on a grand scale.

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You should get back home as soon as you can.

My desk is old, but his is new.

You can't go out with your friends until you clean your room.

I was afraid that it might hurt her feelings.

Nigel went far away.


The shipment has reached us safely.

If I were you, I would have done the same thing in such a difficult situation.

Hiroyuki pulled out her knitting needles and began to knit.


That makes me disgusted just to think of it.


You were hot, weren't you?

I almost never remember dreams.

He lost almost all the stamps he had collected.


We don't have to tell Alf anything.

It's a great day for a hike.

I can't find the word to express what I feel.


The first spacewalk was 10 minutes long.


Ram came out of the closet to his parents at the age of 24.

Good-bye, take it easy.

What did they expect?


Why am I writing this SMS?

There was a marathon at school today and we were very tired.

The higher you climb, the colder it becomes.

Am I supposed to be doing something else now?

Where was your daughter?

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Bush tells the truth.

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Did you hear what Angus just said?

Kyung didn't return.

We can't produce him as a witness.

Honesty doesn't pay under the current tax system.

What would be your chances to answer this question right, if you chose one of the following possibilities at random? A: 25%, B: 50%, C: 0%, D: 25%

I'd like to say yes, but...

It is good for nothing.

I chewed Seenu out for being late.

We went to Boston to visit Gil.

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What's for lunch?

The system is working very well now.

It was impossible.


We can do that.


Did you have a sheet of paper then?

Why are we still here?

Ned is the only person for me.

He's very angry with you.

Carlos picked up the ball and then threw it up in the air.

He doesn't run.

My mother is always on the go.

Mother was afraid I would get dirty.

Fortune beamed on him.

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Let's pick a name for the child.


I didn't vote for her.

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Can this credit card be used internationally?


That wasn't my idea.

Conrad is as stubborn as a mule.

We've already taken your name off the list.

I had Hartmann in the palm of my hand.

Mike looked at the painting.

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You never told me you were such a good violinist.


I don't think we're going to need Liz's help.

Neal is on his bunk reading.

You are our one millionth customer.

Novo and Alvin had a baby girl.

Are you going to sit with us?

The wound stopped hurting after he put a band-aid on it.

Until yesterday I had known nothing about it.

Vice is graying fast.

Is everything ready?

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I think you'd really better not do that.

I appreciate your efforts.

The famous Gordian Knot was cut with a sword.


What kind of game are you playing, Space?

Fine. Where?

I think Audrey will win.

Jaime hopes to get the results by Thursday.

Apparently the bus was late.

Shinko is kindness itself.

She likes jazz, and so do I.


My eyes hurt!

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Clarissa glanced at Surya out of the corner of his eye.

She knows she does not have any other choices.

I often heard him playing the melody on the trumpet.

Sherlock Holmes is smoking from a calabash pipe.

Spencer is dancing with another girl.


Too many trees deprive a house of light.

Let's invite Everett over for dinner.

You're not the only one who knows how to do that.

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You're the only one who thinks that's true.

Teri realized Laurianne was probably getting hungry.

Billy has been a gentleman.

He hasn't answered my letter yet.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

Things are tense.

I became a lawyer to help people.

I enlisted in the Air Force.

It remains to be seen whether or not going to America to study is good for me.

Belinda took his keys out of his pocket.

Antibiotics can't destroy viruses.

This new necktie goes well with the suit.

What do you want to know that for?

Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

We're staying here.

This line is diagonal.

She is honest in deeds and in words.

We listened to the bell ring.

I'm at Narita Airport right now.

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You said there were three, but I could only find two.

Can this be all there is?

Try as you may, you will not be able to read as many as five novels in a day.

Is that your shirt?

You need to learn to listen.

I'll see you next month.

You know where I'll be.


Male gnomes have long beards and wear a tall red hat.

He lost his temper and threw a cup.

All of the women in the room turned and glared at Laurie.

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He hasn't answered my letter yet.

Floria and Stephanie seem to be in the middle of a fight.

Nanda doesn't do anything without first asking Piete if it's OK.


This car needs new tires.

We're closed tomorrow.

To floop the floop.

I want to find true love.

Roderick has been mistreated.

The guitar quartet produced a wonderful concert.

Do you know what she said?