For the first time, women’s jeans, decorated with silver studs, sparkling rhinestones and metallic colors were presented by the designers Dolce & Gabbana on the catwalk.

Luxury denim blinked a variety of colors and shades of Swarovski crystals – red, yellow and others.

Special attention is drawn to more details in the form of unusual pads – neat purple flowers, sewn on denim. From this moment it was possible to order women’s jeans with rhinestones by Dolce & Gabbana. The starting price tag looked like this: 10500 – 12500 USD. The difference in price is related to specific cuts and designs, the jeans were decorated with rhinestones, patent leather, different studs a little different.The girls who want to demonstrate the model of women’s jeans, countless sparkling sequins of Dolce & Gabbana, before buying one should not ignore the assembly. As you know, brand clothing often has a deviation in relation to the alleged amount. Decorated in an original way, loved by many women’s jeans Dolce & Gabbana, decorated with bright colors and patent leather with pearls.

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Ripped boyfriend jeans with high waist is now at the height of fashion.

However, this model will suit almost any type of figure, and girls with high and low growth. Therefore, the pursuit of fashion, in this case, will allow you to be handsome, beautiful and not lead to mockery. Boyfriend jeans with high waist. How and what to wear this season. Fashion Boyfriend jeans are comfortable to wear. They create a picture of relaxation and readiness for the active actions at the same time. Ripped legs give them boldness, and high waist adds a gallon of femininity. These contradictory combinations make them so popular and combined with other styles.
But, generally, worn jeans is the way to make the picture brave and unusual, so you should look at them carefully. These shining at first glance, boyfriend jeans obviously in all their splendor with the right choice. The most important thing to think about is that you have to choose your female “Girlfriends.” Men’s pants will have a completely different effect. The female pants will maintain femininity, despite the obvious masculine accent. They are available in different variants and therefore there is plenty to choose from.

Women of type “hourglass” model with high waistline would be quite nice. They will be very beneficial to emphasize the slender beep’s waist.

Type of shape “triangle” and “reverse triangle” requires more demanding with regards to the top, which will be worn out jeans. The right top will allow you to wear boyfriends and with this kind of figure.