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To be recognized throughout the industry for partnering up with forklift dealers coast to coast in providing quality, reliability & integrity with all our products. Our philosophy of providing maximum gains to our customers, through Integrity pricing helps us to build long term business relations and partnerships. “Jamco does not broker the Forklifts we offer. We Fully Own All Our Inventory”
We have been in business since 1986 and were one of the first used truck wholesalers in the country. All our used equipment is stored in our clean heated warehouse. We take pride in the used forklifts & forklifts battery charger. We supply to forklift dealers all over the world and firmly stand behind the quality of equipment. Visit our website regularly to see our equipment.

Here at Jamco, we aim to be the most reliable used forklift provider in the US and Canada. Our services stretch across various the entire southeast region of the US. Ultimately, this includes but is not necessarily limited to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and even Mississippi. That’s just in the US alone. We also provide forklift-related services in Canada, from Windsor to Montreal.

Truth be told, a bulk of domestic used forklift providers tend to have a limited selection in terms of their products. On the other hand, we choose to adopt a completely different approach. With our goal of being the most reliable one-stop forklift provider, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Helpful guidance throughout prior to your purchase
  • The best value possible for your used forklift
  • Well serviced and regularly maintained equipment and machinery
  • The most convenient used forklift purchasing experience possible

(313) 398-5949 are not our only expertise; we’re also specialists when it comes to forklift batteries, forklift battery chargers, pallet trucks, and various types of forks for your used forklift. Through our uncanny ability to provide you with all this readily available equipment, you can be rest assured that all of your used forklift needs are well taken care of.

We regard the quality of our products just as much as we prioritize our customers’ interests. As used forklift experts and enthusiasts, we make it a point to store all of our equipment and machinery in our regulated facility. You can be rest assured that whatever used forklift that you purchase from us is personally taken care of. That’s right, we don’t just sell used forklifts; we own them. Our services revolve almost entirely around being an actual provider of used forklifts and not a broker.

With over 15 years of experience under our belt since the beginning of our operations in 1986, Jamco takes pride in being one of the first used forklift provider in all of the US and Canada. Our vast amount of experience has also equipped us with the knowledge about pricing. All of our products are priced fairly to create the greatest amount of value for our customers. Evidently, integrity pricing is one of our values. We firmly believe in the quality of our used forklifts, and there’s nothing more important to us than creating the most positive used forklift experience for all of our customers.

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