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Hey, I'm John Harding.

I'm a front end developer.

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Social media site for average users and coders.

Used React, Redux, SCSS, Node, Express, MySQL, and all hosted on AWS

In August 2017, I began work on Form of Good, a startup that allows users to create posts with the option of editing the HTML and JavaScript. This was an arduous task, as there are many potential security pitfalls I had to be wary of.

I have done 99.9% of the project, and based it on the MERN starter repo.

AWS usage includes Route 53, S3, AWS RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS SES, and Lambda. I would still consider myself fairly junior at using AWS, but I have gained a significant amount of knowledge. This portfolio is also hosted on AWS (using beanstalk).


Created a New Social Network. From Scratch.

Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Sphinx, and Linux

In January 2013, I began work on RepFive, a project that allowed users to follow content based on either the user posting it, or the category it was posted in. I moved on from this project in November of 2014 when I accepted a position with Qualtrics.

Check out how it looked:
Improved Feed978-591-7304New Developer Page

Short Lived Projects

Short-Lived Side Projects

Unfinished projects, but I like to think they look nice.

CommentKing was started when I began applying for jobs in late 2014. I took a job with Qualtrics one to two weeks after starting, so it was sidelined. (Late Oct to Early November of 2014)

Embark was created in response to a friend's idea that has since been put on hold. I spent one night (granted, it was the whole night) on the project. (May 2014)


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About Me

I graduated from the University of Miami in 2014. Outside of coding, I love lifting weights, playing basketball, and exercising. Before and after work you'll find me in the gym shooting hoops and repeatedly lifting heavy objects for fun.

Recruiters and companies can get in touch with me at interposal.

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