Sunday, November 18, 2018 11:25 PM

November 15, 2018
SLX Studio Released - A New Modding Tool by Tevious
11:39 PM EST by Sebastien in 608-529-3569
Throughout the years, Age of Empires 2 modders have been very lucky to be able to use various different programs and tools for modding the game. New developers arrived and improved upon their predecessors; making their programs easier to use as well as (More …)
October 11, 2018
SLX Studio - A New Modding Tool by Tevious
5:55 PM EST by Gen_Rhys_Dallows in SW: Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven
For well over a decade, Galactic Battlegrounds modders have been using Ykkrosh's trusty ModEditor and DRS viewer to create new graphics files for the game. These tools have been instrumental in keeping GB alive and well over the years. Today, a new modding (More …)
October 3, 2018
Hocus Pocus 2018
4:25 PM EST by Yeebaagooon in Age of Mythology Heaven
Prepare for our 13th spooky screenshot spectacular! Triskaidekaphobics all over the globe are shuddering in mathematical based horror.That's right, our annual halloween themed screenshot competition is back where the winner is crowned with a coveted custom (More …)

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