I guess they really weren't all that hungry.

It looks well prepared but you see there'll be a slip somewhere.

This is a problem you have to solve by yourself.

He is Japanese by birth.

Are they still angry?


With this telescope stars and dreams can be seen.


You must work together.

"Will he succeed?" "I fear not."

Who would want us dead?

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Is your mom at home?

Give me a kiss!

The wind lifts the leaves.


Can't you tell us anything?

What would you do if you were in Kevyn's position?

The peasantry revolted wielding pitchforks and clubs.


I feel awful about what I said.

I grabbed my little sister's hand, and the two of us started running.

Why didn't you get one before we left?


Prices have climbed higher than Mount McKinley.

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She succeeded in opening the box.


I bought a VW bus.

We're going to be just fine.

Omegle is a great website for people who like chatting with foreign people.

Sonny wasn't the only survivor.

If you mix blue and red, you'll get purple.

Everyone is asking me how is to be colorblind.

Everybody was in agreement.

What's your favorite dessert with strawberries?

Light the candles.

The chart illustrates how the body works.

I said that it wasn't true.


What's this all about?

At the time, music was everything for us.

I won't be a minute.

What're you doing in my room?

Do you like my hair?

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There's no reason to feel embarrassed. Your pronunciation is generally correct.

Please keep this secret.

Every sentence present in Tatoeba is a lie.

I want you to know where I've been.

I was recruited to the crew when I first got to Covington.


They'll be grateful.


I don't want to do this with you.

I found this when I was cleaning out my closet today.

Wendy's job was outsourced to China.

They both giggled.

You're not ready.


I am writing in relation to your complaint.

My children are at school.

A green color is a characteristic of that type of apple.

What are you two talking about?

He is not at home to anybody today.


Have you been spying on me?


Brent had to go to Boston on short notice.

Did you ever see the fish?

Paula was here yesterday morning, wasn't he?

I don't want to offend you.

Everybody's home.

When the letter arrived, I read it.

We haven't seen him since then.

Do you have anything for a headache?

He's a very energetic person.

To my knowledge, she hasn't married yet.

I wouldn't have expected Brender to be able to do that.


We talked about what had happened to us when we were kids.


Sanand is addicted to Coke, but he doesn't like Pepsi.

She has not yet had her name entered in her husband's family.

Kirk, I want you to listen to this.


Would you mind calling him to the phone?

A strange man was walking back and forth in front of my house.

Do you want to press charges?

I could do with some help.

This is nuts.

How was your date with Kanthan last night?

It's just not going to happen.

She took a lot of baggage with her.

Have a seat, won't you?

You've been waiting all morning.

The picture on the wall was painted by Picasso.

Step aside.

Dan didn't even give Linda a reason.


Inferiority complexes are more common than we think.


I think we'll probably reach Boston before dark.

People will shut me up by saying "you think too much", but think they desire ignorance.

The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.

I've got a big problem.

This season of Survivor! is starting off even better than I expected.

What would you like me to do with this?

I am very worried about my future.

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That wouldn't be so stupid.

Renu doesn't know the difference between God and the Devil.

Translate the passage word for word.

I don't like your behavior.

It's about time to leave.

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Novorolsky came down with a cold and couldn't go to school.

I said all along that he was not a person to be trusted, but you would not listen to me.

I don't think Kirk will agree to do that.

This won't be easy.

Paper is patient. It can be a long time from the planning stage till the execution of a project. Not everything agreed on paper will be respected and accomplished. There is much written down that is wrong.


Welcome back. We missed you.

Nobody wants to help you.

That requires the sanction of the government.


I should give you a chance.

I still love her very much.

Saul couldn't run very fast.

Antony's plane went missing.

I thought you'd be thirsty.

Antonio is a CPA.

Terrence has no choice but to go.

I'd like a little help.

He is sitting cross-legged.

German is not as difficult as Icelandic.

Could you please deal with these problems?

He looks wealthy, but actually he's not.

That sounds a little off.


A home without love is not a home any more than a body without a soul is a man.

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Oh boy, there I go again.

Steel production is estimated to reach 100 million tons this year.

The countryside is beautiful in the spring.

Sir loved teaching.

Rabin was lenient.

Jakob is in handcuffs.

No man is the wiser for his learning.

He is an Irishman by origin.

No one has come.

You are my obsession.

Dan's books have been translated in more than twenty languages.

Please move your bicycle out of here.

I'm in two minds about going.

Saiid is positive that Barbra is wrong.

It's as far as we're going.

I hope he won't be disappointed.

How would you feel if someone said that about you behind your back?

Luckily, Amir was wearing his seat belt.

Tell me exactly what's going on.


This is insulting.

You fainted.

Don and I are married to each other.

Patricia can ride a horse.

I'm going to live forever.

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He believes in an afterlife.

Our diplomacy and strategy ran in clear contradiction to each other.

We plunged into the river.

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Namibia is an African state.

Usually, when I watch movies, I eat popcorn and drink cola. But, next time, I'm going to eat candy.

Money is his God.

I want to know how much it's going to cost me.

Mechael might be able to do it this time.


Raman says he has experience.

What's your plan for the day?

He cleared out his desk.

I'm sure Murray is wrong.

Corey has such a plaintive quality to his singing voice that even his happy songs sound sad.

Don't get too near.

Did Marika want to go to Japan?

I'll go through both the good times and the bad with you.

I have a memory like a sieve.


Why don't you let me go?

You shithead!

He went to the United States to study US literature.


How did I get here?

The smell of dirty socks makes me want to throw up.

Walt refused to apologize.

We're disappointed.

She won't take an airplane for fear of a crash.


What's in the truck?