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One of the most common complaints new homeowners have after they move in concerns the comfort. The hot-cold rooms are one of the hardest problems to resolve. The best way to eliminate the complaints is to design the system correctly from the start.


Authority Air Designs can help ensure the quality of the HVAC Design will be least of the complaints. You will have accurate ACCA documentation to back you up and show that you have taken the extra steps to make your homes the best value on the market.


Authority Air Designs can prepare all the reports required by most jurisdictions to make the new permit process simple and painless.

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The design of any new home requires numerous hours of work and meetings to get all the aspects correct. Why have the last minute revisions change the creative look of the home to make the HVAC system function correctly? Authority Air Designs can help with the best locations for the mechanical equipment, layout of the duct systems, placement of supply and returns and creative solutions to tough design restraints.


The preliminary HVAC system designs will help to create a complete system layout that can import as an AutoCAD layer to show the problem areas. These areas can be addressed before the foundation is even started. The HVAC system is designed as an integrated part of the home instead of an afterthought.

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Most homeowners have lived, or currently live, in a home which has a poorly designed HVAC System. Authority Air Designs may be able to help you solve some of these problems. We have extensive knowledge in the construction and design of the HVAC Systems in existing homes and you may be surprised to find, a few modifications to the system, can dramatically improve your overall comfort.

We have recommended changes to over a 1000 existing HVAC Systems and once the modifications were made, 98% of the homeowners reported significant improvements in comfort and airflow.  These changes can also have an impact on the life and efficiency of the existing equipment.


Authority Air Designs can also recommend reputable HVAC Contractors to make the modifications. The contractors we recommend have an in depth knowledge of the changes we commonly request and can implement these modifications cost effectively.


If you are interested in this service, please Contact US and state the issues you are experiencing, i.e. hot/cold rooms, numerous equipment failures, excessive noise, overall comfort problems, etc.

Existing Homewowners

Fossil Fuels - Foreign Oil Dependency - ACCA Manual J ?

How can ACCA Manual J be in this heading? The DOE is requiring most jurisdictions to comply in the Federal Government’s efforts to reduce dependency on foreign energy imports. Over 85% of the energy used in the US is directly from fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source. The EPA is requiring reductions in fossil fuel emissions to help with the global efforts to decrease the Greenhouse affect. The cost of fossil fuels is increasing at a continuous pace and the need for alternative energy sources is becoming evident and more cost effective. The IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) is requiring increasingly higher building requirements to reduce, not only the energy footprint of consumers, but to protect and preserve the world’s natural resources.  Some more interesting 816-525-2573.

Why is all this so important and how does it directly concern you?  If you are building a new home, remodeling an existing home or adding an addition, you will most likely find the Building Departments requesting a heat load calculation or (858) 541-5657. They may also require a Manual D and 7872485634.  The Manual J will have to comply with the design temperatures required by the jurisdiction.

New Home Builders

Insist on a Properly Prepared Manual J


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