We were going to play baseball.

I want to know who I need to talk to.

Did you attend this concert?

A few words may betray a man's true character.

Are you sure you're really OK?

Japan was one of the world's fastest growing economies in the 1980s.

I barely see any difference actually. Both of them sound pretty much the same to me.

What can be changed?

We're all agreed on that.

I wonder what this means.

That is my seat.

I went to the hospital to ask about his health.

He's gonna have to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

He is an amateur gardener, but his flowers are beautiful.

I didn't turn off the light.

I strongly disagree with this.

Now we know what happened.

I don't now what I'm going to do now.


Bill felt that he needed to explain why he was late.

Her only hobby is collecting stamps.

I'm fine, thank you. And you?

Hilda grabbed his coat.

His face was red and he felt hot and uncomfortable.

Nicolo is paying the saleslady for something.

I thought they'd heard us.


If you can't speak well of the dead, say nothing.

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The bought a new case for his saxophone.


You shouldn't drive.


The beggar accosted me for money.

Do you have a bank account?

Get out of my car.

Sofia doesn't seem to be having any problems.

It is, I think, an indisputable fact that Americans are, as Americans, the most self-conscious people in the world, and the most addicted to the belief that the other nations of the earth are in a conspiracy to undervalue them.


Marsh and Rajesh stared at each other in disbelief.


How it ended up here is impossible to know for sure.

For a person who is in good physical condition, climbing mountains is a cinch.

List forgot to lock his bike up, and when he came back it was gone.

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My father goes abroad sometimes.

Everyone looked for the missing kid.

Nanda and Mosur are both very competent teachers.

I knew Shel would accept my invitation.

Valentin bought Marie a Christmas present.

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Sheila is not a friendly guy.

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She's elegant and refined.

He is not a child.

The next question is for him.

Spying between friends is an absolute no no.

I liked to make people laugh and that got me all the way to where I am now.

Do you really expect Donald to arrive on time?

The company has a capital of 500,000 pounds.

I look on you as my best friend.

You'll love this.

Two books stand out among the dozens recently published on the Royal Family.

Thad was extremely unlucky.


Are you bored right now?

He was no match for a lawyer.

He'll never beat me.


Tell the truth no matter what.


Sharada said you needed a job.

I stayed over at a friend's yesterday.

I see a bird on the roof.

I didn't know where you were.

Konstantinos says it's probably not going to rain until after midnight.

I won't get anyone in trouble.

Your idea leaves nothing to be desired.

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This merchandise is tax free.

Manavendra never gives anything to anybody.

The pain went away because I took the pills.

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May all men remember that they are brothers!

I know it by heart.

Watching the elephant show was amusing.

Aren't you guys coming?

Have you ever seen a shark over three meters long?

Could I see you a minute, please?

That's a hard one.

You can talk well!

Shai wants results.

This spacecraft is powered by ion thrusters.

You'll have to do it yourself.

Stop. It hurts.

Collin gave the film a rating of 7 out of 10.

I'll ask around at school and see if anybody would like to volunteer to help us.

There is an international airport in Narita.

This medicine seems to help.

What did you think of that?


Randall talked to a police inspector about the plot.

You must live according to your income.

I bought Barbara a gift.


This botanical garden has an amazing bonsai collection.

Stanislaw! Rebecca! Curt!

They thought they were invincible.

They'll like it.

It may be quite harmless.

Vice was afraid of Cristina's temper.

You should've brushed your teeth.

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My rule always was to do the business of the day in the day.

We need to make a slight detour.

How do you think it'll go?

Oh, so you're at the barbershop!

Who's it for?

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Do you get up at six?

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This ink is the best.

Can I rely on you to be here on time tomorrow?

How much do you remember about that night?

We lay down on the grass and stared at the night sky.

Not a single cloud could be seen in the sky.

A beautiful pair of glasses caught her eye at the store.

Don't beat around the bush.


I had written the letter when he came.


I hope to see it again.

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I bet I get there before you.

Will you teach me French?

Let's just all go talk to Kirk, OK?

Do you think you can find the time to read this before the meeting?

Some animals can be taught.

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My cholesterol levels are high.

The bird picked up the twig with its beak and flew to its nest.

It takes a lot of time getting used to married life.

This is a wooden house.

We love going on picnics.

Did you see our new website?

I want to rent a car for my trip.

What would cause that?

This is the nicest present I've ever had.

When was the last time you locked this door?

Prior to your arrival, he left for London.


Due to his impolite behavior toward a customer, Pete was immediately fired.

Dale wants to eat fried rice.

Mandarin oranges have a lot of vitamin C.

Urs isn't an alcoholic.

They just want someone to blame.

Add 3 spoonfuls of white wine.

I wouldn't bet on that horse if I were you.

Supper's getting cold.

That will do us a fat lot of good.

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He fells trees in the mountain.


The plan is immature.

I can help Linley do that.

How many times do you have to go to the dentist?

Why are you pacing up and down?

But I was careful.

Margaret says he won't come.

Is this a gift for me?

That's our new boss.

Many young Japanese people are drifting aimlessly in life.

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We're not at war with them.

I had a really great time last night.

Before the 15th century it was generally believed that the Earth was at the centre of the universe.


I've never known anyone like Amy.

All the participants seemed to agree.

I made a promise.


He deserves our reverence.

Yes, it's such a nice evening.

It is premature to discuss it now.


Someone gave me Gregg's number.

Harold uses Windows 7.

Don't be afraid.


The train is arriving soon.

Maria left Kees after she found out she was just his second choice.

We're looking for him.


So that we can see how much we overeat, our stomach is on the same side as our eyes.


You'd have done the same for me.


How was your stay in Germany?

I doubt that Saumya is guilty.

Tarmi didn't provide further details.