We set a trap to catch a fox.

Who is hiding behind the curtain?

This is impossible!


I would like to get your latest catalogue.


We need to get there early to bag a seat in the front row.

Lynne has been alone far too long.

Don't set foot in that neighborhood.

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Don't forget to sweep the kitchen clean.

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What you've heard about me isn't true.

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You write better than I do.

When's Page going to get here?

Imogen of the Internet cannot look at a cat, even a dead one, without coming up with a blood-curdlingly saccharine, egregiously misspelled caption in 60-point white Impact.


Sjouke drilled through the safe.

It is not what you read but how you read that matters.

I'd like a room with a good view, please.

Come on, Arianna, speed up or we'll never get there!

How much do you know?

Valeria wanted to work as a limousine driver.

You do look a lot like Malloy.

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It fell out that he could not come in time.

Maybe Uri likes swimming.

Tanaka always tries to help other people.


Carl clearly misunderstood what I said.

What are you playing at?

Orrery is a mechanic model of the Solar System.

Archie's muscles are well-defined.

It shouldn't be a problem.

He has an excellent falsetto range.

Jaime hated it.

He both speaks and writes French.

I haven't spoken to them.

I hope you will succeed in winning the prize.

Which is longer, this pen or that one?

I know nothing but this.

Thanks for coming by.

He is handsome and clever.

Tolerant refused to give me a loan.

This school supplies textbooks to its students.

I think I should handle this as soon as possible.

Linda ate sushi at an expensive restaurant just around the corner.

I haven't seen Nick in years.

Guido likes to gossip about celebrities.

Thuan's a decent, law-abiding citizen.

Andrew is the kind of guy that argues for fun.

Milk doesn't last long in warm weather.

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Generally speaking, the weather was mild last year.

Let's eat supper.

Hy wanted to get married, but Marty didn't.

Pitawas vomited into the bucket.

I know lots of people who can square dance.

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I also like writing.

Murat knows why Michelle is in Boston.

Don't talk to the bus driver while he's driving.

It's a sin to say so.

Janice stayed in Boston over a month.

Let us give you a piece of advice.

I'm not counting.

Jane doesn't understand what's going on either, but he won't admit it.

We're saving up to build a new house.

"Why are you stupid?" "I'm not stupid."

Nguyen knows the way.

I have Spudboy here with me.

Ramesh seems to be doing OK.

My father made me a delicious lunch.

Someone hit me on the back.

He goes to university.

I read the novel in three days.

Mitchell and I'll meet again next week.

Whoever wants to learn to ride a horse must first learn to mount and unmount correctly.

I was under arrest for killing Renu.

I don't have it with me.


Who doesn't want love and affection?

I like shopping with Piete.

Money is the key factor when we decide to buy a new house.

We rowed up the river against the current.

She was aware of his eyes.


Wait for me, I am coming.

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An eclipse of the sun is a rare appearance.

What more would you want?

I do pray sometimes.

It was Mr. White that gave Joe this ticket.

I took it for granted that Jitendra could speak French.

That shop is a hamburger shop.

I think that's the safest way to do it.

I know what to ignore.

The art dealer guaranteed the picture genuine.

It's a stupid rule.

He is of a good line.

Jeffrey went to sleep and never woke up.

What will we do when she finds us?

I can't control what'll happen.

Piet said that he needed more money.

Where would you like me to put this?

I feel better today than yesterday.


Does Jennie want to do that?

Bucky wants you to help him do his homework.

Why not get a job?

I never noticed that before.

It is better to accomplish the smallest feat in the world, than to lay low for a half hour.

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"Is it the first time you've been here?" "Yes, it's my first visit."


One could feel that Mr. Margot Jackson was aggressively anti-American.


It is lucky that the weather should be so nice.


Willie was upset when she saw a picture of Chris's ex-girlfriend in his wallet.


A girl came running, with her hair streaming in the wind.

Well, I must disagree.

The handsome soldier was one of thousands of clones of himself.

Forgive your enemies but don't forget their names.

This e-zine is for those who, unswayed by the cajolery of the modern language industry, firmly trust that the traditional learning method of grammatical analysis is the way to go.

Plastic boxes last longer.

Ramadoss's thirty.

Nils's shirt has magenta stripes on it.

Barney doesn't need my permission.


I met Meg, who told me the news.

Last year, there was a bad harvest.

The police asked the criminal to give up his gun.

That's a beautiful painting.

I'll clean up.


Life is a bitch.

I appreciate your comments.

We should do better.

Austria is a member of the European Union.

There will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow.

He's looking at you. Do you know him?

We discussed the matter with each other.

Do you have nothing to say?

Just find them.

Can they come to the meeting tomorrow?

It's elementary, my dear Farouk.

I've never met a Canadian I didn't like.

She has a crush on Justin Bieber.

I'm going to give you the book.

She is more an acquaintance than a friend.


We have time, there's no rush.

I'd like to get together with you tonight.

A rash broke out on her neck.

Tai is all bark and no bite.

She acted without thinking.

Avery usually calls Alan every evening after dinner.

Don't risk it!

There were several hundred people in the plaza.

Is necrotizing fasciitis a mental disorder?

Mott sends more than a hundred text messages per day.

Joanne and Sriram painted some ostrich eggs for Easter.

How do we do that?

Thierry might be able to do it this time.


Tell us what happened last night.

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Everyone laughed except us.


Kim is one of our hardest workers.

We'll visit Barry tomorrow.

The guilt he felt over the affair made him spill his guts to his wife.

He sat there with his arms folded.

He talked about his expectations.

The hair style of the Beatles created a sensation.

I'm supposed to try to persuade Novo to help.

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You've got one minute left.

Mac is no longer a kid.

This is just the beginning.

I was so wrong about him.

They can speak both Berber and Arabic.

I have nothing to tell you about it.

I'd like to buy a map.


What's going on in this town?


Let's just say I wasn't surprised.

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Would you like to get married and have children?

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Where was skiing invented?


Our university has a good library.

Can we bring him?

You will discuss it, won't you?