Can you loan him some money?

I can't remember her address no matter how much I try.

I've felt guilty about it for months.

That's what I like to see.

She's supposed to be back by lunch time.

The children were told to stay within reach of their mother's voice.

Herb worked so hard that she got sick.

Lanny and Brodie are alone.


I'm pretty tired right now.

I don't think that's what Radek said.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

How would you translate this sentence, Casper?

I won't quit until we find out who's responsible.

I wanted to apologize to her.

Welcome to Boston, everybody.

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They send against me such people, whom you would not justly believe.

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They called British supporters Tories.

The charge was dropped.

Why would Marlena have done that?

I walked across the park.

I can help you now.

She is reluctant to marry him.

You need to get some exercise.

Sergei calculated that he had given Arthur over 34,000 dollars in the past six months.

I will sleep at ten o'clock.

They had never been very successful.

You must be a good walker to have walked all the way.

That's just awful.

Pria can't afford a lawyer.

There aren't so many gays here.

How long are we just going to sit here?

I don't like high heat.

Why do you still have this?

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I majored in psychology.

Is it foggy?

A helicopter circled over us.

Just tell him I called.

No one will obey you now.

Her face betrayed her real feelings.

Ana will not come to our party.


Sandip never eats quiche.

I followed to the letter what you have told me.

No one knows where he is.

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I don't seem to be getting anywhere with Kirsten.

I will marry a beautiful Estonian woman.

The experiments have been being carried out since 1997.

My father spends a lot of time on his hobby.

Don't ever hook up with bad guys.


I have never heard him speak English.


Francisco was lowering a heavy box with a huge crane.

Today is June 18th, the birthday of Muiriel!

Miltos eats rice at least once a day.

We're all right.

What did you eat for lunch?

She always adapted to new circumstances.

This watch was handed down to me by my grandfather.

We're glad you're staying with us.

How dare you call me stupid?

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Don't use harsh language.

I never see this picture without thinking of my dead mother.

He made a speech in support of my view.


I lost interest.

Ernest only got one thing wrong.

This is definitely illegal.

It took years of saving, but their seagoing vacation come true at last.

Patience is sometimes the most effective weapon.

I went on deck from my cabin.

A quarrel brought about the break.


I'm at the bank.

Nobody wants to be my friend anymore.

He tried to trick me.

I'm having a hard time believing Hsuan did that.

The yen is weaker than the dollar.

I was pretty good, wasn't I?

There were quite a few children in the park.

Come on over here, Dan.

That sounds pretty funny.


Marcia left yesterday right after you did.

I've been through this before.

Shankar is pacing back and forth.

She is used to speaking in public.

An odd shoe was left on the doorstep.


We need a new rug.


We have guests.

I'm allowing you to go.

The chess pieces are pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king.


The girls danced to music.


Do you know any female pilots?

Take the apple and divide it into halves.

These shoes are killing me.


Pray to God and not to His saint.

I don't want to meet him.

Oh, like that!

Mr. Bell is due to make a speech tonight.

For all I know, he was born in Italy.

She could not make both ends meet on her income.

I thought that we would be good friends from the beginning.


The traffic accident took place on the main highway.

I had high hopes for them.

Shut up! We'll miss the best part.

Come on, it's not that big a deal.

The student was punished for smoking.

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I tried to argue my father into buying a new car.


I've told you things I've never told anyone else.

Let's divide the work equally.

Try to keep a clear head.

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Do you know how many millionaires live in Boston?


I must confess I haven't read it yet.

She is used to sleeping in a tent.

That's foolish.

"Fuck-suck!" cried Robert, "and what the hell should we do now?"

Nigel was found dead in the alley.

No worries! This is good enough!

I'm right.

The trouble is that she lacks experience.

I have a very good memory.


Roland took Skip back to the doctor.

The angler felt a strong tug on the line.

You're only just in time.

Srinivasan doesn't work for us anymore.

He unintentionally revived his mother-in-law.

He slayed the dragon and saved the princess.

Are you going to vote for her?

I can't possibly think your story is true.

It is not because he had a faculty for business but because he was lucky that he succeeded in business.

Betsy always seems to be very busy and doesn't seem to have much free time.

Tricia ordered another round of drinks.

I returned the shirt because it was too small.

Do you know the chemical formula of phenol?

It doesn't seem very fair.

I don't want to deviate from the plan.

Why aren't you here?

Do you know any French?

Can you take a look in your bag? I put my mobile phone in it.

He said that he had left his purse at home and asked me if I could lend him 1,000 yen.

Thank you for buying me this magazine.

We're prepared for the worst.


They'll be looking for you.

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She got the job by virtue of her youth and enthusiasm.

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There is an old story about a Persian cat.

I'm in real trouble.

Everybody has to be somewhere.

Since the drug company had selected only favourable or neutral research reports to submit to the government for approval, and had failed to disclose any data from those studies which had shown the experimental drug to be harmful, the company was perceived to be unethical, and many lawyers believed that lawsuits were now in the offing.

Marvin pulled a long face when he heard the story.

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Do you want Archie back or not?

Dimitry will never walk again.

Hearing that a transfer student was coming, the class buzzed with excitement.

At the games they were sold by men who kept them warm in hot-water tanks.

Wolf and Jayant split up after being married for three years.

This odor is obnoxious.

That's my problem, not yours.

He did it out of curiosity.

The dishwasher's broken.


Tad claimed to be the son of a rich man.

Aren't you going to ask Betty?

Take it easy when exercising.

I was used to the heat.

Dylan wasn't the only one who was late.

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Saqib was fired last week.


Grass is luxuriant in summer.

You're the only one I can trust.

Sometimes it's hard to be tactful and honest at the same time.

The gum's ten cents.

A pretty girl like you will definitely be noticed.

Juan tripped over something.

At what time can you be there?

I'll come on May 23rd.

Sam knew who Ronni said she was planning to get married to.

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This car of yours is a real gas guzzler.