Controversy around the new “steroid alternative.” Top trainers and athletes reveal the safest steroid alternative on the market.

We discover the truth behind a pioneering supplement that is grabbing experts’ attention. Studies have shown that it increases testosterone and muscle growth. It also melts away fat and replenishes your energy reserves. With such impressive evidence and media coverage, the question is no longer whether these tablets work, but whether they should be legal.

(MHL) In recent months, our readers have been going crazy for a new product that helps men lose fat and build muscle in less than a month. Stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Gerard Butler have lost huge amounts of body fat and gained real muscle thanks to this product. It has been proven to melt away fat, add real muscle and raise energy level. In this article, we’ll explain exactly why this product works and why it deserves a special report. We know that building muscle can often feel like an impossible task. Here at Muscle & Health Life, we’ve analyzed various fat loss programs. The vast majority seem overpriced and ineffective. The reason why most programs fail is that they require us to restrict our lives in unrealistic ways. Some advise us to eat tons of protein, while others stress the importance of carbohydrates. In any case, all of them require us to drastically restrict our normal patterns of eating and behavior. In this special report, we take a closer look at a new and promising trend that we believe will be easy to use and deliver real results.

Trainers call this new supplement “the natural steroid alternative.” It helps you build muscle while simultaneously breaking down fat.

The product we’re talking about is called (702) 741-1926. You’ve probably already seen this supplements on the news or advertised on television as a completely safe and effective “secret to success.” It is used by stars and bodybuilders all over the world. Today, we reveal the secret behind it and show you how to achieve a muscular celebrity body without placing your health at risk. In this special report, you’ll learn all about this new and promising product: 819-494-8426.

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The Hollywood elite use supplements like Max Robust Xtreme to lose extra body fat and built muscle simultaneously.

chowchow is rich in antioxidants and powerful properties that will turn you into a muscle machine. Curious? You’re not alone. The first time we heard about this fat-burning, muscle-building product, our “fat radar” immediately began to sound.

Despite our doubts, the worldwide Max Robust Xtreme success stories prompted us to give it a second look. What really interested us was the fact that these people saw results without having to make any changes to their lifestyle or diet.

Ike Smithson from Melbourne reported that he lost 3.5kg of fat and gained 9kg of muscle mass in only 5 weeks by using Max Robust Xtreme. On his blog, he wrote:

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I didn’t have to make any changes to my diet or everyday routine. Each day, I simply took two tablets, and the fat melted off like butter. I got slimmer, just like that! Now I have muscles I didn’t even know existed. I even have a washboard stomach, which is the best thing about it all. The girls are queuing up!”

At Muscle & Health Life, we decided to try out the 704-434-9747 for ourselves. I volunteered to be the guinea pig, because I was preparing for a competition and needed to lose weight and build muscle. I decided to order a reduced size package to try out Max Robust Xtreme. Although there are a variety of muscle building compounds for sale online, I chose this site because it seemed the most trustworthy one out there. Most products use lower concentrations of the muscle-producing extract, but this supplier offered the most concentrated product available. Everyone at Muscle & Health Life agreed that this product would achieve the best results for my test. The free trial pack of 5033641643 was delivered a few days after I placed my order, and their low shipping costs were low. Max Robust Xtreme is one of the purest and most concentrated muscle building products on the market. We agreed that it would achieve the best and most precise results for the purposes of our test.

Max Robust Xtreme was delivered just a few days after I placed my order. The shipping costs were amazingly low. Max Robust Xtreme is one of the purest and most concentrated muscle building products on the market. We agreed that it would achieve the best and most precise results for the purposes of our test.

It has been clinically proven that Max Robust Xtreme:

  1. Leads to 76% more muscle gain and 86% fat loss.
  2. Reduces body fat
  3. Cuts recovery time in half
  4. Increases endurance
  5. Raises energy levels
  6. Increases the rate of protein synthesis
  7. Prevents the bloated, “puffy” look that is typical of steroids

Although we were pretty skeptical, we wanted to give it a chance and find out whether the supplements could keep its promises.


1st WEEK: 904-874-5985

After the first week, I was surprised at how quickly and drastically the first results had started to show. I had much more energy and wasn’t as hungry as I had been in the past. This is a nice side effect of Max Robust Xtreme. It has the ability to curb appetite. I felt really fantastic—and the best thing about it was that I hadn’t had to change anything about my daily life.
On the 7th day I got on the scale (I have a new scale that can measure body fat and muscle mass). I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had over 1.5kg of new muscle mass. But I still wasn’t completely convinced. With muscle building programs, it’s generally accepted that a lot of weight is lost initially in the form of water, helping muscle mass to emerge. I wanted to see if I could continue gaining so much muscle in the coming weeks. But it gets even better. For the first time in many years, I weighed less than 80kg.

2nd WEEK:

After using this supplement for two weeks, I had more energy and was sleeping better than ever before. I wasn’t wake up at night rolling around because of my body was in pain. I could finally relax (the result of the product’s detoxifying properties). I’d also managed to lose another 3kg of fat, which put me at an amazing 68kg in just 2 weeks. What’s more, I could see my washboard abs slowly emerging. My girlfriend loved it. Hell yes!

It was around this time that I began believing in this muscle product a little bit more.

3rd WEEK:

After three weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had disappeared! I had gained 5.5kg of new muscle mass and lost 3.6kg of fat. The fat on the sides of my stomach had completely disappeared. My stomach was so defined that I had finally got my longed-for washboard abs! This product is just really impressive. I had lost a ton of fat and was able to build proper muscles.
What’s more, despite all of this, I had plenty of energy. With other diets, you normally start feeling weaker after about the third week. With Max Robust Xtreme, however, my energy reserves remained intact. I felt raring to go throughout the whole day! I even noticed that my stomach was digesting food better and that I no longer had bloating or embarrassing gas.

4th WEEK:

After I finished the 4th week, I was completely shocked by my final results. I had gained an impressive 7kg of muscle mass, since I starting to take Max Robust Xtreme! Everyone at Muscle & Health Life lives now wants to try it. In the 4th week, I lost 3 more kilos of fat to the 7.2kg of muscle I had gained up until then. This meant I was ready for the fitness contest. I’ll definitely continue to use Max Robust Xtreme, because it produces lasting and impressive results. In addition, it has many other muscle-building components that promote muscle memory and maintenance of weight.

“I could not be happier with the results. I gained 7.2kg of muscle mass in 4 weeks. I didn’t follow any special diet and I didn’t do strenuous exercise.”

In summary, I can say that if you want to lose fat and build muscle but are skeptical about the effectiveness of this product, we too were quickly convinced. After doing our own investigations, we’re happy to report that people on this regimen are really successful.

You can reach your weight loss goals with quadrumane.


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My brother has had weight problems since he was a baby. The doctor told my parents that they should put him on a diet, but he was only able to lose 25kg. I really hope that this is the answer. Thanks a lot, Mens Heath
One of my friends did exactly the same thing 3 weeks ago. I ordered the product and received it within 3 days (though I didn’t get the discounted shipping). The results were indescribable, and I can’t wait to see what the third and fourth weeks will bring.
(724) 662-5626
I’ve been procrastinating for 2 months and now want to begin losing weight. Today is the day when I’m going to get started. I’ve already ordered the discount package and am now going to do a 30 minute workout! Big thanks to Mens Health for the motivation that finally got me going! All the best, Elijah
This stuff is really impressive! My best friend Jan took the same supplement and lost a huge amount of weight. Now he looks amazing. I couldn’t believe it, so I researched it for myself. That’s how I came across this article. I can’t believe that there’s a discount available on the package! I know that Jan had to splash out about $600. Imagine how excited he would have been if it had cost him less than $100.00. That’s insane. Thanks, bro!!
It sounds pretty simple. I already play sports and I think a bit of help wouldn’t hurt. I won’t miss this great opportunity to try the product.
Wow! Finally, a supplement I can get excited about. I ordered it and will report back!
I’m very happy that you’ve tested this supplement on our behalf, because most products are letdowns. I went ahead and ordered the brand that was recommended in this article. I can’t wait to try it out.
I ordered the free sample 3 weeks ago, and this company’s customer service is really impressive. It really works—it’s a miracle! :)
I ordered it 5 days ago and it came in the post today! I’ll keep you updated. Thanks, bro! Good work!
Both my wife and I need to lose weight, and I really want to build muscle, because soon we’ll be meeting family we’ve not seen for 25 years. I’ve already placed an order, and we’re both going to try it out. Thanks a lot! The Macnab Family
Thanks for reporting on this. I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere it and haven’t yet been able to summon the strength to try it myself. Thank you.
I want to highlight that some of the brands that make these products do not use real ingredients—this has been proven in investigations. The ingredients are of inferior quality. I think you should mention this in your article. The good thing is that the brand recommended in the article is a truly excellent company that has been active for a long time and is trustworthy.
It looks as if the free delivery and the discount are still available! Make use of them if you can.
This stuff is really great! I couldn’t believe it, so I did some research for myself. That’s how I came across this article. I can’t believe that the company is offering a free package. My friend has also bought this product. Imagine what he’d say if he knew about this special offer! It’s a godsend! Many, many thanks!!
P.S.– for all male readers out there. I’ve seen for myself that this product really works. My 22 year old brother has been using it for months . . . so try it!
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For two months I’ve been putting it off, and today, after reading this article, I’m finally going to order this supplement. I felt very motivated by the article, and have ordered 5 months’ supply. I’ll keep you updated!
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I saw this product on TV several weeks ago; however, I wasn’t sure where to order it until I came across this page and discovered the amazing offer with the free pack. This stuff really works, and my results are incredible :). Thank you for writing this article and trying the product on our behalf!
My friends and I have been waiting for this to finally appear in the media. Good luck to all who are benefiting from this impressive discovery.
How well is this working for you? I want to lose a few kilos of fat and gain some muscle so that I look better without a shirt! I’ve ordered the product already.



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