Walter got a good grade in science.

My wife and I like to go out for Chinese food once in a while.

They will be glad to see you, I am sure.

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In Southern China, the qipao is also known as "changshan".

How did you know I grew up in Boston?

We all got together and bought Clifford a gift certificate for his birthday.

Barrett's employer called his honesty into question.

He keeps on phoning me, and I really don't want to talk to him.


If I tell her the truth, she will never forgive me.

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Jay definitely had enough time to get the job done.

Let us do that for you.

What were we doing?

She didn't try to help him once.

You might as well give up.

The purest affection the heart can hold is the honest love of a nine-year-old.

Turkey has passed very important reform packages in Parliament during the European Union (EU) process.


We got him to carry our bag.

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There are no other choices than postponing our departure.

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At this factory, they produce a car every ten minutes.

Turkeer wasn't fired.

I had no desire to say anything against you.

Clay was an artist.

What is the population of India?

Please find some hotel where the rates are moderate.

They accomplished their mission.

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It's nothing serious. I don't bear him a grudge.

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Go get coffee.


Jayesh likes this place better than where he used to live.

I've got a big wash today.

Yvonne canceled his hotel reservation.


He was having fun.

His rule was despotic.

She was absent due to a cold.

Does this taxi go to the Jingan temple?

Japanese automakers are investing heavily in new plant and equipment.


She's angry at the world.

The United States bombed civilians in Japan with nuclear weapons. Nowadays, some US officials consider the idea of doing it again in other countries. They are just trying to find a justification for that.

I didn't take it that seriously.

She is drop dead beautiful.

Hollywood isn't what it used to be.

The fiction reduced girls to tears.

Is everything ready for tomorrow?

He does speak well.

I have got some books.

A moment's doubt can cost a pilot her life.

My boyfriend refuses to use the microwave.

Why would Tai want to do that?

That's right.

I don't talk to barking dogs.

That cheese is made from sheep's milk.


It's only Blake.

He cried with joy.

Herb told me he was glad to see me.

There have been many genocides in history, but the most famous (or infamous) is that perpetrated by the Nazis.

Do we need them that badly?


Do what you think is best.


What would you have told Tigger?

Has Perry been transferred?

What's Taurus looking at?

He was laid off.

I'd like to be able to tell Revised that he has nothing to worry about.

I remember hearing that music somewhere.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time; but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.


Pim agreed to stay in Boston.


I asked what Meeks is reading.

Jeannie hadn't eaten all day and was very hungry.

I heard that now, he works in Saudi Arabia.

I'm supposed to talk to them.

We want to help him.

Football originally meant "a game played with a ball on foot" - unlike a game played on horseback, such as polo.

I thought you didn't see anything.

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That's really a great idea.

Why don't we let Hon do the talking.

They don't seem to be Americans.


I left my umbrella on the bus.

My garden is small.

The car is turning left.

What do you think about this?

The work is easy enough for me to finish in a couple of hours.

You can't stop it.

Hon and Kristi talked about everything under the sun.

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It wasn't a fair fight.

That's a plan that would likely to be canceled by rain.

She studies philosophy at the country's most prestigious university.

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We are alway is some kind of danger.


Wilson certainly deserves our respect.


I wrote a letter to her last month, but I haven't received a reply yet.

Page did that last year.

I was so wrong about you.

Scary, wasn't it?

Wow, that looks tasty.

Wolfgang leaned his cane against the chair.

Why won't anyone eat my potatoes?

It would be very sad, were I to relate all the misery and privations which the poor little duckling endured during the hard winter.

Never judge by appearance.


I feel that I don't really belong here.

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I feel terrible about the way things happened.

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Robert left before I arrived.


Troy didn't know how to do what needed to be done.

You will find the bank at the end of that road.

I told Greg to do that.

He does far better than you do at school.

Pass by us, and forgive us our happiness.

What did Cristi give you for your birthday?

I think I'm coming down with a fever.

There are various types of wines and the way they are matured varies accordingly.

I found my hat in Ernie's car.

I have got beautiful eyes.

We're still investigating the cause.

I don't know what kind of person he is.

I wouldn't like being a judge.

The car came to a smooth stop.

You're great.

Esperanto leads to friendship.

The barb on fishhooks make them difficult to remove.

Rolf is an exceptional basketball player.

I would love to do that.

Many people of Slavic origin have names ending with -sky.

The prince went to the forest to hunt and happened on a fair maiden bathing in a spring.


Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror?

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Why were they chosen?

As he left the room, he turned off the light.

Your car's ready.


He wore a blank look.

I plan to write Ernie a letter.

Israel is a very small country.


Germany shares a border with France.

The tablecloth on our dining room table is white.

It seemed to work.


The problem was that I had nothing to say to him.

We can all benefit from his experience.

If you don't study hard, you'll continue to get poor scores.


What have you not told us?

Will it snow tonight?

It's too risky.

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I'll make sure of it.


I can't make that kind of promise.

The question was so complicated that they were all mixed up.

Amarth doesn't think that will ever happen.

I wonder what it could be.

It has to be subtitled.

I don't sleep much.

They missed Brendan.

Is the flight on schedule?

Danielle isn't like the other girls.

Allan was their hero.

This piano is really cheap.

Lindsey lived there without any problems.

Lou is always sleeping.

The policeman is in the car.

Dan repeatedly raped Linda.

That's the problem with doing things your way.

I have complete confidence in Murray.

Will is unable to read.

You're supposed to be in bed.

Generosity is an important trait in today's selfish society.

He drove the car at eighty kilometers an hour.

Did you charge the battery of your mobile phone?

He listened, but heard nothing.

He's always at odds with his boss.

This must be done by Monday.


I thought you didn't know her.


There was a cool wind.