Introducing ONLYN

The internet 


Onlyn is a smart home broadband that does a lot more than an ordinary internet connection 

  • Home broadband, across cities

    Onlyn allows users to access their home broadband outside their home, across cities, under one unified plan. Now stay connected wherever you go, with high speed and stable home like internet connection.

  • Speed at it's best

    Onlyn in Fiber To The Home, allowing very high data transfer speed and extremely stable internet connection so that you can keep connected always. 

  • Unity

    All your family members gets outdoor broadband access with one common plan. Onlyn supports upto 4 outdoor devices without any additional cost.

Set yourself free
from data capping

Onlyn gives you access to unlimited data both inside and outside your home. Amazing huh?

One plan for
the entire family

You do not need to pay additional for each members of your family. Your entire family is covered under single unified plan.

Premium broadband and
friendly support

We introduce the beta plans for all the initial customers who becomes a part of the awesome network. every beta users does not only get discounted price for the first 3 months, but also get access to free high quality support.



The beta plans lets you access high speed 10mpbs internet with outdoor access of upto four different devices, for one month.

Value A Little Wait
We are cooking up some hot cakes right now. Feel the essence of a better internet while we are ready.