I'm trying
really hard.

I'm probably beating my head against a wall somewhere.


Messed around and got a gig!

Working in NYC is super cool. I'm on a great team working with ServiceNow and Wordpress at CBS.

Yeah, THE CBS. (way) Back to AngularJS for a bit. Brushing up on my CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery.

Remember when knowing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS was enough for a web developer? Now I have to know all of this stuff, too...

Frontend Development

Bootstrap or Material?
Angular or React?
What happened to HTML?

Data Visualization

Charts? Check.
Graphs? Check.
Data grids? Check.


SELECT knowledge, experience
FROM resume
ORDER BY time, relevance;

Backend Development

Who invited JavaScript to this party?

Talk to me.

Want to work together? Want to get to know my dogs? Visiting the city and want to have coffee?