Folding Reading Glasses by ZIC™

Readers for Men & Ladies

They are super slim and fold in on themselves and act like they’re own case – HOW COOL IS THAT?!! And if you’re a klutz like me (hey, I can’t help if I’m clumsy!) and sit on them by accident they won’t break… I absolutely adore these cute little specs and think they are so funky!

Rosie Rockets

Fashion Blogger,

“They are sleek and made of a very durable plastic. The arms of the glasses move up and down to form it’s own carrying case as well and there is a small clip (like that of a pen) on the side of each frame for easy



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The frames are made from a transparent thermoplastic material which is a type of polyamide polymer which makes them extremely strong.


World patent design that you won’t find anywhere else. 100% Designed & Made in Italy so you know they’re stylish, unique and fashion.


The clever design means the frames will ‘pop’ out under strain preventing breakage. You simply need to clip the frames back on the next time someone sits on them.


Zic lenses are made with CR39 (hard coating). These lenses have been certified by CERTOTTICA as optical quality lenses.

We are pleased to present the definitive design of folding reading glasses by ZIC™ that will meet the expectations of the most discerning men and women. Made to cover all your needs for everyday life. ZIC™ ready readers have been designed, developed and made in Italy using the most advanced technologies.

Enjoy the best online experience buying our spectacles with a 2 Years Warranty and Free Shipping in the UK.  Sold exclusively through our website.

The combination of style and durability make ZIC specs a great choice in the UK. You can find eight different funky colours and the range of dioptics are +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00  ,+3.50.


Ultra Thin & Slim Design: They are not only made of the durable material but they are also slim. The arms are designed in unique way which when folded, which form a structure of carrying case. Thus, the frame and lenses remain safe in this case. The pen like structure on the arms of these folding glasses makes them handy as it facilitates the user to keep the eyeglasses safely in their pocket or bag.

Pocket Size: A few years ago we thought of readers as a big pair of spectacles with thick frames but times have changed a lot now and they are now available in convenient and compact sizes. You can easily put ZIC™ glasses into your pocket or handbag without worrying about damaging them.

Fix them by yourself: ZIC™ has a very simple structure so you will be able of repairing these specs by yourself for any general problems. The good news about ZIC™ spectacles is that they only weigh up to 15 grams (very small) as they do not contain any screws, metal parts, lacquering substances or glue. With this construction they are light in weight and beautiful in appearance. You can re-build your ZIC unlimited times. In case you lose any piece of the frames, let us know and we will send you replacements parts in a few days.

Advanced technology: ZIC™ has been made with the help of techno polymers that are popular to deliver high quality physical as well as mechanical performance. Our specs have some anti-allergic properties. The injected pieces are made by thermoplastic injection. Lenses use organic material cr39, refraction index 1.499, with aspheric structure, and hard coated treatment on both surfaces. They are assembled using the nylor system, which together with the frontal strength, once fixed, ensures a great steadiness.

Care about your Vision: ZIC™ has quality optical lenses made in “CR39” allowing optimal vision. This material is very popular amongst opticians because of its characteristics to transmit light without alteration and less chromatic dispersion than other glasses, in addition to its resistance to chemical agents, such as acetone resistance. The frame on them is made from a mono imprint mold for thermoplastic injection. The tinted thermoplastic is reinforced with fibreglass, produced by the Swiss manufacturer EMS. The overall effect is that the frames are not sensitive to sudden changes in temperature between hot and cold as is typical of metal specs. The single-vision lenses are considered the best for ready readers. These lenses come with single corrective power and user gains better readability. We provide single-vision lenses at quite reasonable prices. You can check in the description of the eyeglass and pick the right one for your needs. The choice is yours about which pair you want to use.

Unisex: These spectacles are available for men as well as women. Just order Yezdi and enjoy your glasses in a few days. We sell readers for men with AR coated lenses that promote clarity of the user’s vision. The chances of facing eye-fatigue reduce and you get improved eyesight, while reading the books or using the PC. We have a long list of pleased clients, who recommend our services to other prospects. We have made it possible by providing glasses, which not only looks attractive, but also offer better durability. The user buys eyeglasses that last for a long time and serve the user for all of his reading demands.

For any doubts do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you to find the right pair for you.