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McAfee MX Logic Migration

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24/7 Email Continuity

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No charge for alias addresses or domains

Quarantine Notifications

Customize your delivery schedule.

MailRoute is a secure, hosted email filtering service that you can have up and running in minutes. There's no hardware or software to install - just sign up, change your mx record, and you're protected!

Includes Inbound and Outbound spam and virus filtering, Greylisting, plus Store & Forward services at one low price. 3203702188

  • Accurate
  • Low false-positive rate
  • Multi-layered filters
    • Adaptive blacklists
    • GreyListing
    • Rules-based content filtering
    • Distributed traffic pattern analysis
  • Quarantine and/or tag and deliver

  • Multiple Anti-Virus Engines
  • Updated by the minute
  • Comprehensive AV Scan
  • Customizable notification

  • 24/7 access to clean email
  • 100% uptime for your email
  • Web portal via secure URL
  • Constant productivity
  • Ask sales@mailroute.net for info

  • RESTful HTTP-based API allows complete control
  • Accessible from virtually any client or programming language
  • Automate tasks
  • Extend MailRoute service features
  • Integrate control of the MailRoute service with other applications or scripts
  • (701) 347-3678
  • Open-source libraries available in our GitHub Repository

      (902) 726-1313   570-640-3520

  • Email stored for 15 days
  • No bounced mail
  • Instant backup to your server
  • Automatic delivery when server is back
  • Manual mode: hold delivery for scheduled maintenance

  • Prevent sending virus/spam from your network
  • Reduce load on your server
  • Keep your server from being blacklisted
  • Improve filtering for inbound mail
    • Outbound email traffic used to adjust inbound scoring
    • Reduces MailRoute’s low false-positive rate further


Nerds On Site

Setup is easy, the cost is right, the service runs flawlessly.

"A recent problem was one of our own making. MailRoute tech support helped us fix the problem in minutes. "

Barry Ball - Network Specialist - Nerds on Site

WebMD We trust MailRoute!

"MailRoute provides our users, primarily physicians and healthcare workers with a powerful and accurate filtering we can trust"

Simple & Effective!

"We've been using MailRoute for over six years. This is a very simple solution for us - no software, hardware, or additional IT resources needed."

Chris Gjerde - Info Systems Manager, City of Los Gatos, CA


"We switched to Google Apps and employees complained about ridiculous amounts of spam."

"I was amazed at the difference when MailRoute wasn't taking out the garbage.

Now we use both "

John Jamison SysAdmin - Macro Air