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2ip is a specialist of network and security.

2ip provides a controllable M2M security network solution
to help enterprises build easier and faster network.

2ip as a network and security expert group will always
be there for you for your secure M2M communication.

2STON 2IP Secure Things Of Network

2STON is a network system developed by 2ip.

  • 2STON provides easy and fast connection by low-cost communication API.
  • 2STON protects all communication data with cross-authentication
    and encryption mechanism.
  • 2STON is optimized for mobile environment.

Use IoT devices without registration to a telco

Reduce network operation costs dramatically

Enjoy free call and messaging anytime and anywhere

Protect personal information and privacy securely

Support Mobile P2P

2STON Technologies

2ip provides a light-weight API that enables M2M secure communication.

  • SSN & Key Ladder Encryption

    • 512 byte long unique identifier for each device and data
    • Cross-authentication for communication channel establishment
    • Key ladder mechanism for encrypted communication
  • M2M for Mobility

    • Direct M2M communication
    • Session maintenance by a relay server in case of M2M channel
      interruption due to IP address changes.
    • Re-establishment of M2M channel by a session server
  • NDS(Network Distribution Service)

    • Server traffic reduction by traffic distribution to clients.
    • Server-side controllability of data traffic of each client.
    • Server-side content management- modification and deletion
  • Reliable UDP

    • Support for TCP-level reliability
    • More than 200% of transfer rate than TCP
    • Network overhead reduction by 1/3 compared to TCP.

2STON Advantage

2ip will take care of network security issue in online communication.

2ip 2STON
  • Easy Connection 2STON enables secure networking environment to be built easily by 2STON API.
  • Low Cost 2STON dramatically reduces server and network cost.
  • High Security 2STON provides VPN level security through a public network.
  • Mobility Support 2STON supports mobile network environment for IoT.

2STON Demo

Network Camera Demo

  • It is a demo of Network Camera’s real-time secure communication
    and control using 2STON.

IoT Demo

  • It demonstrates IoT using 2STON.
  • It shows all home devices connected through 2STON.

VoIP, Message Service (KIPI)

  • KIPI is an instant messenger application to demonstrate 2STON.
  • KIPI does not leak any personal information during voice call, texting and file exchange.
  • Although a demo version, more than 30,000 users around the world like it.

Project 2ip will go on to realize a true nature-like online world.

Everything in the world has dignity and is distinguished by identity.
For development of the online world, everything connected (human beings and all things) must be given unique identity like in the offline world,
and the identity must be securely protected. Moreover, everything connected must be able to create, keep, send, recollect and delete data on its own.

This is what a true nature-like online world looks like, and Project 2ip will continue to move forward to make it happen.

  • Envisioned a nature-like
    communication system
    at the Huntington beach.
  • 2014
    • Jun. Got government funding for prototype
    • Nov. Established 2ip Inc.
    • Dec. Opened a US branch
  • 2015
    • Jun. Obtained Venture Company Certification
    • Jul. Released KIPI for Android
    • Dec. Released 2STON 1.0
  • 2016
    • Jun. Released 2STON 2.0
    • Aug. Attracted $2M Investment
    • Nov. Obtained patent of Core Technology
    • Dec. Participated in Korean Venture Festival
  • 2017
    • Feb. First Delivery of 2STON 2.0 for PoC
    • Mar. Obtained R&D Center Certification
    • Apr. Participated in ISC-West Exhibition
      Recruited China & Thailand Agents
    • 2H Thailand branch open and
      Southeast Asian market penetration
  • 2018
    • Will penetrate into US and
      China markets

Tadd CEO | Founder

Head of Sales, IBM Korea eServer


Simon CFO

CFO, DMS Co. Ltd.


Leo Principal Engineer



HS Kim Managing Director



Sean TAC Director

Snet System, TA Manager


Michael Principal Engineer



Thomas Developer

SW Developer, 2ip Inc.


Alfred Intern

Computer Engineering, Hanyang Univ.


Johnny B&D Director

Service Planning Manager, Daum


Vaughn Creative Director

Director, Stone Design


Jerry Sales Manager

Sales Manager, Snet Systems

"We provide Secure Communication Protocol"

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